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Torrence Davis of STFUandPlay writes, "Just 4 years ago on January 20th, I posted a story at in regards to Kaz Hirai and Aaron Greenberg having choice words to say about each others flagship consoles. Looking back at what was said, it’s quite comical on both fronts. At the time, Microsoft was well ahead of the Sony console worldwide. Kaz Hirai was confident that the Playstation 3 would not only catch up in sales with the Xbox 360, but would maintain the lead through the end of the generation."

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Snookies122362d ago

I wish there didn't have to be a competition... Although that's just business I suppose. I think both companies have a lot to learn in quite a few departments, but overall Sony and Microsoft have done pretty well this generation. Microsoft kinda kicked things off for quite a while in the first few years of the generation, and Sony seems to be sending us off very well as we come upon the next-gen hardware. Either way, I can't wait to get a look at the next consoles, despite being more of a PC gamer personally.

showtimefolks2362d ago

you are 100% both did a lot right and some wrong and both should learn from this gen to make a their next gen console/online stores much better

competetion is good for consumers IMO.

sony came into this gen very arrogance and full of them self. when developers complained about ps3 being hard to develop for they said we are not here to make development easy. but they learned and had to come crashing down before getting up and learning from the bad experience

i think both ps4 and xbox720 will be great systems and again i think it will be a 2 horse race like this time around. Until Nintendo can get consistent 3rd party support i have my doubts.

TronEOL2361d ago

It's kind of funny because it's Sony's arrogance that hurt them in the beginning, and Microsoft's arrogance that hurt them in the end (not as bad as it hurt Sony, mind you).

But I have a feeling they both know where they're going with their next consoles. Maybe it's just me growing out of it, but I feel it'll be a more friendly go next generation. Like they'll both fight for gamers' attention, but they'll understand where they stand in regards to each other. Understand their strengths and not try to play their weaknesses.

FullEffectGaming2361d ago

I find it funny that every time this type of talk comes up everyone wants to dismiss Nintendo. Regardless of which console you prefer or support it was not a two pony race. I love how people are in denial about Nintendo trouncing on MS and Sony with lesser tech. At first it was Nintendo was going to fail and now when they came out on top with sales everyone wants to dismiss them like they didnt count. Regardless of how you game or how much you game gamers are gamers period, and consoles are consoles. There where three choices this generation for gamers to chose from lets not be in denial. Each had its positives and negatives while learning from both to better the next generation.

The type of games you make or their resolution don't determine who goes against who. Case in point it was three indie games in competition with so called AAA games for game of the year this year. Which many outlets chose those indie games over the AAA titles for game of the year. Point games are games consoles are consoles. Doesn't matter what what does or how it is achieved.

If you want to argue the facts Nintendo came out on top as far as sells go. But if your a real gamer then all of this who sold more who is better crap wont matter to you cause you have games to choose from and consoles to play them on. What should be talked and celebrated is the fact that you have many great choices to chose to play your video games on. Each console offers something different and unique. So who cares who sold more cause you didnt get that money.

Snookies122361d ago

@FullEffectGaming - Well, I didn't include Nintendo in my comment simply because this article was about Microsoft and Sony...

I very much enjoy Nintendo just as much as the other two. :]

Funky_Homosapien2361d ago

I completely disagree with you ...Competition is good for consumers that is the number one thing you learn in business class...competition is great for innovation and pricing. Shame on you.

dcbronco2361d ago (Edited 2361d ago )

Competition is good for consumers, not businesses. That's why there is no real competition. No quality brand really under-prices another. You may have certain situations like gaming where cost dictate. But the reality is that in our day to day lives there is little competition when it comes to product pricing. ADM is more the norm. Prices are fixed one way or another. Since the early 1900's.

It's great if it's real. But it is rarely real.

user39158002361d ago

Keeping a neutral mind its always a healthy method to all we do. Knowing facts are great and understanding the meaning its innovative, but failing to realised facts its just another way to fail, for history repeats itself. Wii was great for invetment, wii-u its a disaster, xbox 360 its the healthiest of all the consoles, but its entertainment division its holding them back, 360 has made the most money for us investors, but we hate the entertainment division cause it drains our bottom line stock. Sony did well to come out of the hole they were in and now has finally become profitable, problem is vita still drins the bottom line. PS3 and 360 comparing them its a situation of healthy stocks cause PS3 has better game support from first party, but failed to maintain healthy profits. Overall, if we look at this gen and ask who won, we have to say all 3 survive, although this gen is not over. Big N made the most improvement when it goes to share, but has droped inmensely today and I see it strong in the handheld department but consoles diminishing. On the other hand, Sony will do much better with PS4 and 720 will be their nemesis, the trend I see is whats been all alone, Sony ps4 not yet out will be strong and 720 will be similar while the wii-u will be a failure for investors.

otherZinc2361d ago

@Torrence Davis,

M$'s 360 has a 13+million console sales lead over the PS3 (according to the most credible organization of sales tracking; NPD).

The US consumes 2/3rds of the entire video game market!

The rest of the world being only 1/3rd of the video game market; how and when can 1/3rd ever be greater than 2/3rds.

People need to stop reading sites with ZERO Business Knowledge, Period.

I'll say this again:
When SONY Announces they are the World Sales Leader for the year with their PS3 Console to its "Shareholders", then & only then is it believable.

SONY is so ashamed of its sales numbers, they wont even respond to the Industry Leader & Standard "NPD Group"!

Mikeyy2361d ago

You are trying to use U.S. only sales data to make a false argument.

World wide they are neck and neck.

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GribbleGrunger2362d ago (Edited 2362d ago )

'If Kaz were to see his quote now, what would he say?'

He'd say I told you that's how it would be. PS products have 10 year lifecycles. When he talks about the end of a console generation, that is what he's talking about. Why is it so difficult to understand when we've seen more proof than we need and Sony say it every generation. How many consoles will Sony have to keep on the market for ten years or more for people to suddenly realise they mean it? Ps1 10 years, PS2 12 years, PSP 8 years (and still selling). I'm sure when the PSP hits 10 years and the PS3 goes on to sell for 12 years, people will STILL not quite get it.

If Sony telling people in no uncertain terms that they have ten year lifecycles isn't clear enough, surely saying 'it's a marathon not a sprint' would give people a clue. It's just incredible that the confusion persists. It's almost like the industry don't want it to be true. Sorry, but it is and at the end of the PS3 generation, Kaz will have been right. For something that doesn't matter, it's certainly getting a lot of mileage.

Urusernamesucks2361d ago

He would say what you want him say? Not suprising.

RogueStatus282362d ago (Edited 2362d ago )

I don't really like Kaz Hirai. Maybe I'm to used to guys such as Miyamoto, Aonuma, Iwata, and Tezuka Aka the god fathers of gaming.

HiddenMission2361d ago

You do realize that Kaz has been with Sony about as long as gaming has been around. You do realize he has been a gamer his whole life and that he unlike Miyamoto had to work his way into the gaming sector from the outside to where he is now.

Kaz is great oh yeah Ridge Racer!

SignifiedSix2362d ago (Edited 2362d ago )

Starting to get sick of these articles. Both are great innovative companies with great consoles, hardware and software.

Cant we all just get over this crap and be glad we have these great companies competing with each other?

They all make the world go round for us and i sure as hell am happy about it.

If SONY or MSFT didn't exist, we wouldn't have our uncharted's, halos, grand turismo's or forza's. All great games we enjoy. Lets just cut the crap now and be happy with the greatness we get!

fourOeightshark2361d ago

If there was only one console to choose from we would still have great games that innovate because publishers would still compete with eachother.

black9112361d ago

Someone Do a Article about what 360 sales would be without the RROD fiasco.

Karpetburnz2361d ago

Also I would like to see an article about software sales between the two consoles.

Many people still believe Xbox 360 software sales are higher than PS3.

vishant1012361d ago

software sales totally depend on what game it is for example cod sells much more on xbox then ps3 due to xbox leading in USA but ps3 sells much more of titles that appeal to rpg/story fans also games that have had a japanese cult following sell alot more ps3 i.e DMC overall in the end the list would be skewed due to the fact that bundled games also count towards software figures but digital ones do not

juandren2361d ago

A comment I made earlier (with heavily inflated numbers for the 360):

Let's say, for arguments sake, that Xbox 360 is currently at 80 million sold and PlayStation 3 is at 70 (which we all know not to be true). 30% of those 80 million are somewhere in a huge pile of trash. So that leaves 56 million. A maximum of 5% of Sony's 70 million is in the trash. That leaves 66.5 million fully operational.

BanBrother2361d ago

Meh. The inflated RROD sales thing got old years ago. Why not factor in the amount of peoole who got an RROD and bought a PS3 because of it? Or those that were just plain turned off the 360 altogether because of the RROD. Or the fact that most of them were repaired for free, so no further purchase was needed. Also, lets factor in PS3 YLOD and Blu-ray reading errors.

My point being, both sold what they sold because they earned it. You can't pick and choose who benefitted more or less from many factors.

The *insert console here* sold more in this region due to inflation, and possible extreme climate fluctuations hurr durr. Disagree all you want, just proves who is more one-sided than the other :-)

juandren2361d ago

Uhm... If people bought a PS3 because of RROD then that is more sales for the PS3 - increasing the PS3 install base. You know you're actually just helping my statement right?

Karpetburnz2361d ago

PS3 YLOD was nowhere near as common as the RROD.

Game Informer did a survey on console failiure rates and the results were appauling, Xbox 360 had a failiure rate of 54.2%, and 41.2% of Xbox 360 owners consoles failed twice. PS3 has always remained at 10% which is an acceptable level.

BanBrother2361d ago

@juandren and Karpetburnz

Wow. I know damn well tne 360 has a higher failure rate. I'm just pointingmout the fact that people always only consider the factors that favour their possibly fanboy opinion.

I own every console, but to think the RROD helped sales 'immensely' is naive. It would'not have failed so badly in Japan as well, as they have strict quality standards.

Again, I'm not picking sides, but clearly you two and quite a few others are. Now disagree with your nerd rage all you want, just proving my point. Also, if the PS3 has such a large install base, wouldn't that seem even stranger that a lot of games sell better on the 360? This is logic speaking, not blind fanboyism.

HiddenMission2361d ago

@Ban and rest above

It's been documented that in the 1st two years 70% + of 360's died. That is the time frame that had the 360 ahead by 8 million units. Since then Sony closed and passed the gap plus keep in mind that it took around 4 years into the 360's life cycle before the failure rate went to acceptable levels.

With those things in mind the 360 has been behind the PS3 since about 3 years in...many 360 consumers just don't understand basic math.

If I have 10 rocks sell you 5 and those 5 break. I then take back my 5 broken rocks and make 5 more rocks that I this time give to you. This would equal 10 good rocks not 15.

It's simple math a replacement is not a new I said above the 1st couple of years if your 360 RROD you would have to buy a new one because MS was too crooked to give you a replacement. It's these resales that MS counted as new...but 360 loyalists ignore this simple math.

Getting to the main topic Torrance David the writers OP has been partial to 360 for a long time now. At the end of the day MS only really brought competition in the online space with XBLG.

Next gen cross game chat will be on every console. With the media services being more commonly used...if PS3 is any indicator of this trend next gen media services will still continue to lead on a Sony platform.

As for the gaming side Sony has more 1st party developers than any of the big 3. With the hardware rumored to be more off the shelf PC parts and dev friendly 3rd party support will start to swing more evenly than this gen.

Finally we come down to the hinge which is who will own the online distribution of gaming...with the purchase of Gaikai it's become pretty clear that Sony will be leveraging the integrated services to give them once again a competitive edge in the gaming space.

Now some like IGN might say that it's about doing more than just being a gaming devices...and in a way that's true but at the end of the day games are what sell consoles not all the extra features. It's those extras that help you to stand out from the pack.

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