Gamespy-The Cave Review

GS: still don't know what The Cave is, precisely. I know what the game itself is -- it's a visually stylish platforming adventure laced with dark humor that reminds me fondly of Maniac Mansion and Trine -- but the eponymous sentient, manipulative, Empire Strikes Back-like hole in the ground that serves as a moody setting to explore (and a memorable character) is never really explained. It could be Hell, it could be limbo, or it could be something else entirely. In many ways, that sums up my chief complaint with The Cave: it never quite figures out exactly what it wants to be.

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Phil322091d ago

This game seems too old school in its puzzle design/adventure aspects for my tastes.

I could see myself getting quite frustrated with the game. I don't think that would be too bad, though. I've been frustrated at worse things.