Dear Sony: Teasing Ads Only Backfires, GOW’s Game Day is Being Needlessly Overhyped

I read an incredible article today, a true masterpiece of creative work that dazzles the mind with its breathtaking beauty. In a post about yesterday’s Game Day video titled ‘Could Mysterious Game Day Trailer Be PS4 Teaser?’ on the surprisingly-widely-read NowGamer, the writer explains that “some are speculating it could be a PS4 reveal due to the strange Orbis-like eye near the end of the footage.”

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doctorstrange2184d ago

The more I look, the more I see Orbis-like eyes everywhere. It is coming!

Dwalls11712184d ago

My message to the author of this aritcle......dude its just a trailer are you that bored with your life that you have to obsess over a 17 second clip...

LOGICWINS2184d ago

Are you that bored with your life that you have to comment on an article about a dude who obsesses over a 17 second clip? See what I did there? Many would say that regularly commenting on N4G or being exceptionally good at an online shooter means that your obsessive/bored with your life.

Everyone has they're hobbies. Let them be. Btw, if you haven't realized, a good chunk of N4G has been obsessing about this 17 second clip as well since it was know, since we're excited about it.

You saying we're bored with our lives as well?

MmaFan-Qc2183d ago

Are you that bored with your life that you have to comment on a comment of an article about a dude who obsesses over a 17 second clip?


Diver2183d ago (Edited 2183d ago )

dear playstationlifestyle, the most anti-sony site on the web, shut up already. whiny self interested sites like yours are the real advertisements for everything thas wrong with gaming.

and logic should really talk about not having a life when he lives to attack or support attacks on sony.

ajax172183d ago

Dwalls only wrote a comment. This idiot author wrote a whole article. Which is stupider? Sony has great marketing! I don't know why someone who writes for PlayStation LifeStyle would write an article dissing them in the first place! Pretty dumb.

JoySticksFTW2183d ago

I don't know.

Everyone says Sony needs to advertise their games more. But when they try to build up excitement, it's somehow still seen as a negative. Hmmm...

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joab7772184d ago

Even if it isnt, the orbis hype will be justified soon. Maybe they put it everywhere just to get ppl excited, even if it has nothing to do with said game. Its like subliminal messaging. And Gow Ascension is something to get hyped about. Playstation All Stars was marketed all wrong or the timing was off. I have noticed it is harder and harder with so many great games and next gen coming to create excitement for big releases. I remember a time, not too long ago that excitement would be unbelievable for the games coming in next couple months. Dead Space and crysis used to be enough to carry a month by themselves. Now, dead space 3, crysis 3, metal gear rising, bioshock, aliens and so many other big games are coming but its almost counterproductive. The excitement isnt what it once was, ppl cant reasonably buy all these games to play so someone is gonna lose sales. Its a strange time and the market it saturated. I will say, though, that i am happy ni no kuni came out. Its marvelous.

sinncross2183d ago

I hate it when people say don't buy into the hype over a teaser... goodness, I can do what I want. If I want to speculate that perhaps its not GoW and something different, so let me... I feel like the gaming industry in regards to journalism is sucking the fun out of gaming.

I dont care if I speculate that its PS4 related and I prove to be wrong.. so be it... I am just having fun with it.

GribbleGrunger2184d ago

LOL ... Says the article promoting Game Day.

LOGICWINS2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

I think teasing an advertisement diminishes the point of advertising in the first place. Advertising is meant to get people who AREN'T interested in a product to buy it.

If you, a consumer, are anticipating the reveal of a TV advertisement, 9 times out of ten, your ALREADY interested in a product. No human being in the right mind would anticipate the reveal of an advertisement if they weren't ALREADY interested in the product.

I'm willing to bet both my arms and legs that the majority of people commenting here are interested in the PS4 or GOW: why is Sony wasting time/money marketing to us?

We're hardcore gamers. We have the ability to research up to the minute game news/announcements, thus knowing nearly EVERY aspect of a game before buying it.

GribbleGrunger2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

Whatever it is (and we don't know for sure that it's GOWA) it's working. It's NOT advertising GOW, it's advertising Game Day. That's the irony.

If people tune into Game Day and it IS GOW, they will have still tuned into Game Day and been exposed to everything else on show. If people tune in thinking it might be something different, then they're also exposed to Game Day even if this teaser leads to disappointment.

TongkatAli2184d ago

I hate Kevin Butler ads, what a bad idea for marketing. Lets take a old white dude and make him act cocky, F perfect.

DigitalSmoke2184d ago

You rather have Justin Beiber dance around drumming on a Sony product with firework sparks all over the place.

Butler has tons of fans, suck it!

DigitalSmoke2184d ago

It is their add... sherlock.

gamingmaster20132184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )


yeh i know, its just that they haven't really made a good one since. i would actually love it if they made a 'michael' ad for the psvita

Wedge192184d ago

Orbis everything! Wait... Pokeballs or 'orbis-like', could pokemon be set to be a reveal for Sony's next system? What the hell does 'orbis-like' even mean? If they are referring to the shape, then I still have no idea what that has to do with next-gen. They are really stretching.

matrixman922184d ago

I have learned to not get hyped over sonys live action commercials, they disappoint every time...the psabr one for example, everyone though it would be infamous 3

AngelicIceDiamond2184d ago

Yeah people got real excited last year when Sony posted up this PSAS ad. I guess people were happy that they're advertising an exclusive that wasn't GoW, UE, or Killzone? Who knows but people sure were excited about it.

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