Dead Space 3 – Think like an Engineer

Dead Space 3 delivers terror to our screens in less than 9 days. To help players prepare for the Necromorph plague, Steve Papoutsis, Executive Producer, handed out some nifty tips on the developer’s blog. The backbone for playing the game like a pro is to remember that before Isaac Clarke was thrown into the role of bad-ass soldier, he was an engineer.

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Choc_Salties2093d ago

The DS series is soemthing I never got around to playing, but this looks like something I really ought to be paying attention to

HanCilliers2092d ago

it looks so good, i would say is a must play

lord zaid2092d ago

I'm sure this game will be good, but the in-game micro transactions leave a bad taste in my mouth.

jeffgoldwin2092d ago

Yes and no. No because they are all optional and cosmetic. Yes because well, its money.

PandaMcBearface2092d ago

I will be one of those who rushes in with guns blazing because my brain is just terrible. Which is why I haven't finished Portal or Half-Life :'(

jeffgoldwin2092d ago

Im not following any part of what you said or what it means, but ok.

PandaMcBearface2091d ago

Thus proving that my brain is just terrible :P