Edge Feature: Is Racing Gaming On Its Last Lap? - The makers of PGR, MotorStorm, Sega Rally and Dirt tell all

Edge writes: Impossibly shiny cars, breathtaking speed, blue skies and roaring engines: racers were once videogaming's ultimate expression of realism crossed with escapist fantasy. But while other genres have rapidly evolved, from the thunder and bluster of modern FPSes to the vast scope of RPGs, racers seem stuck in the same old routine of race upon tournament.

Even the biggest sellers don't seem to be performing as well as they used to: once a perennial fixture at the very top of the UK Christmas chart, Need For Speed managed only fifth place as 2007 turned to 2008. Buried in the blizzard of last year's big releases, Project Gotham Racing 4 has failed to ignite the same fervor as its predecessors. And can Gran Turismo's luster really sell PS3 the same way it once did PS1 and PS2?

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MK_Red3939d ago

I don't know about them but 2008 is already showing the promise to become one of the best years for racing. It started with excellent Burnout Paradise and the sequel to the biggest racing game of all time, GT5 is coming out along with the stunning RaceDriver GRID. Let's not forget about MotorStorm 2 or the new series, Pure.

name3939d ago

This article is full of fail.

3939d ago
Animal Mutha 763939d ago (Edited 3939d ago )


I mean from a next gen perspective I think things have moved forward along with other genres and we racers are spoilt for choice. The best games I have are mainly racers. I never had so much choice when I was PC only. TOCA race driver and GTR being the best. Although Grand Prix legends has a special place in my hard drive.

My case:

Forza - The best physics simulation in any racing game IMO. Online is a blast. Highly customisable game.
PGR3/4 - Evolutions graphics wise and a solid damage model in PGR4. Again strong online. Massive single player.
DIRT - Fantastic graphics, Highly detailed damage model but online sucked. great choice of vehicles - I mean the Buggy's common!
Test Drive U - Not the strongest graphics but the most massive sandbox play area, great sounding motors and evil online duels.
GT5/p - promising the best graphics but the rest remains to be seen.

What we need is a racer that combines all of the strengths that these games have - graphics,damage,online,customi zation,lots of vehicles, large play area/tracks. If a racer came along that did everything the above games did then we petrolheads would probably sell our souls to get it and never venture outside again.

I really hope that GT5 pushes the genre forward and I'm not just talking about the graphics. All the polygons in the world are no good If you can play bumper cars off the railings whilst doing 200mph backwards in a Skoda.

Racing mostly is about A-B the quickest so the whole career/tournament/stage/drifti ng/hillclimb thing isn't likely to change that much unless F1 suddenly adopts bonus points for who can ram Fernando (bad loser) Alonso into a wall with the most style.

Edit - I forgot to mention Race Driver Grid. Given how good Dirt was I am expecting this to be the suprise racer of the year. Them codies sure know how to make a racer.

devi8i3939d ago

The last Need for Speed sucked! Thats why it didn't do well. PGR4 was far superior to PGR3. In fact PGR3 left such a bad taste in gamer's mouths that they passed on PGR4...although all true racing fans should pick it up. Dirt is great, and Paradise is amazing. GT5 is definetly going to be a must buy.... I think this article is totally wrong. I what appeals to the average gamer is having an arcade racer, as opposed to the simulators that we have seen lately. Most gamers want to jump in and race around for a while bumping off corners and other cars with total disregard for physics and damage. I believe if we llok at sell numbers we would notice that arcade racers generally outperform sim racers handily in teh money department

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