Unreal Engine 3-powered Project Adventurer Gets A Proper Name, To Be Published By Nordic Games

DSOGaming writes: "The Farm 51, developers of Painkiller: Hell & Damnation, announced today – via the game’s official FB page – that Project Adventurer will be renamed to Deadfall Adventures and that it will be published by Nordic Games."

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000012823d ago

so an uncharted copycat game in first person?

isarai2823d ago

Uncharted did not invent the lone treasure hunter concept

Good_Guy_Jamal2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

Drake isn't even a lone treasure hunter, he almost always has a partner with him to scream/shout "Oh no! Drake!" everytime you fall to your death. Elena being the worst offender.
On topic, wish this wasn't in first person though, I prefer the third person view.

trenso12823d ago

so an uneducated gamer crying copycat

000012823d ago

well youd probably be lying if uncharted wasnt the first thing that popped in your head when watching the video, the character looks just like him, the color tones are the same, even the plan sequence wasnt uncharted esque, and not too mention the art style sure dont scream "original" to me so...if not copycat, how about painfully uncreative and most likely derivative of a certain game like uncharted in theme, art, and content shown by the video.

Statix2823d ago

Even the developers themselves are saying they were inspired by Uncharted!

Anyway, judging by the gameplay video, this game looks freaking mediocre as hell. Welcome to 2007 (Turok, King Kong, etc.).

trenso12823d ago

No uncharted didn't pop into my head i looked at the game for what it was and didn't auto jump to compare it to sucessful franchise, which is why i think new IP's fail so much people jump the gun to compare it to something it got "insipration" from then write off the game without even playing it.

jetlian2823d ago

well theres 3 tomb raiding games this year. I'll be getting them all most likely