Are the free Xbox Games With Gold titles for November 2017 any good?

Carlos writes: "After some fantastic offers found in the recent Xbox Live Deals With Gold sales, we’ve also now been treated to the announcement of the games we can expect to find offered for free to all Xbox Live Gold subscribers this November. With some decent Xbox One and Xbox 360 games given away during the month of October, do November 2017’s titles maintain the same level of quality or are they likely to disappoint? We take a look at all four of this month's offerings and let you know whether you should be downloading and playing them, or just saving your bandwidth!"

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Darkstryder3601363d ago

Track mania is going to be hellova fun

monkey6021363d ago

I didn't like trackmania but tales from the borderlamds is awesome.
It's a poor month all the same though

343_Guilty_Spark1363d ago

How is Nights a poor month? That game is a gem

D1SC0K1NGZ1363d ago

One of Yuji Naka's best creations, along with the Sonic Adventure games of course.

monkey6021363d ago

A 6 year old remaster of a 20 year old game! I'm not saying it doesn't have charm because it's old but it's far from a quality choice for the offerings

yeahright21363d ago

Never heard of three of them. but that's a good thing. with services like GWG and IGC I want games I either never heard of or debated on getting but ended up passing on.

Fearmonkey1363d ago

Trackmania is awesome on PSVR, a shame MS isnt releasing a VR headset for the Xbox One X.

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