Gears of War suffers at the hands of Microsoft

Well, it had to happen didn't it? After all the great and exciting news on GoW lately, there was always going to be a setback. Sadly, it's in the multiplayer department, and sadly, you won't be playing tactically with any of your Xbox Live friends.

Unfortunately for the guys at Epic and us gamers, Microsoft have a policy that states that all ranked matches must be based on skill. Therefore, playing ranked matches with your clan or friends is down to chance (or pretty much impossible, since getting the eight people you want in the same room would take some doing), much unlike the system of Halo 2 that everyone raves about.

original seed6352d ago

you can still play with friends but only in UNRANKED games. It makes perfect sense. Its not suffering

calderra6352d ago

If there were Team and Clan playlists (a la Halo 2), then yes you could play with friends.

In fact, I bet that's exactly what GoW is arleady doing. Because like Halo 2, I'm sure playlist updates can happen.

So the problem is that people can't get all their friends to help them with a rank boost? Oh no!

atomheart6352d ago

buy the games at the same time, so we never have a problem with "true skill" - BF2, COD2, etc.

Daytona6352d ago

It still wouldn't be thaat difficult, c'mon haven't you did it in other games, I have. GRAW.

zerofunction6352d ago

I dont see the big deal, i would rather have this to deal with then the other problems that they refered to.

Boink6352d ago

as long as I can still find and play with them, I don't care if it's ranked or not.