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The Top 5 Worst Games Console Names Of All Time

Here is an extract from the article:

"Gaming, for some it acts as a portal into magical worlds, a form of escapism, for others, an alternative reality in which they strive to be the best. Whatever your perspective upon gaming is, gaming itself has endured a deep, twisted road to reach the point it is at today. Throughout this period, we have seen successful consoles, failed consoles and in-between all of this, the games that drive the consoles on towards success. However, regardless of how great a console may be, their names don't always reflect the degree of grandeur each console has seen..."

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Community2421d ago
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Cam9772421d ago
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Y_51502421d ago

To this day I'm still not fond of the name Wii U. I love the system, but the name seems lackluster to me.

Lol @ "Imagination machine" You can imagine it to do anything when in reality it does nothing but crap ! XD

Manchild2421d ago

The Wii brand name is used to appeal to the casuals, not people like us.

guitarded772421d ago

The difference between the Wii, and the others on the list is that Nintendo built a successful company philosophy around the Wii name, and created a mega-brand out of it. Make Wii associated with the whole of Nintendo gamers, and Mii associated with the individual was a brilliant marketing move. Adding apps and features like Miiverse and Nintendo TVii to the namesake, shows that the name is associated with a continuing brand. The article can call it "worst" if it wants, and that's debatable, but when you can create a billion dollar brand out of a few letters, you're on to something.

Y_51502421d ago (Edited 2421d ago )

Let me me quote myself; "I love the system"- that means that I like the Wii and Wii U, I do not considered myself casual or hardcore. I caterize myself as a "gamer".

By the way- I like the Wii name, but the inclusion of the "U" doesn't make you think it's more advance than the previous system.

morkendo232420d ago (Edited 2420d ago )

@ manchild

I think wii-U is like asking
"will you play with me" asking gamers to COME' COME PLAY WITH ME attitude. so in translation "will you play"


MaxXAttaxX2420d ago

I mean, they couldn't possibly come up with anything more ridiculous than "Wii", right?
But oh man was I wrong!

SilentNegotiator2420d ago (Edited 2420d ago )

They took a slang synonym for "penis", and turned it into A GOD. Spectacular.

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caseh2421d ago

Yea the WiiU name puzzled me a bit, reminds me of this video clip whenever I hear the name said outloud:

I_am_Batman2421d ago

I agree but we will get used to the name I think. I think Sega always had the best console names: Master System, Genesis, Saturn, Dreamcast.

darthv722420d ago

but each system was meant to be something to differentiate from the previous release. Unlike nintendo and Sony who's follow-up systems carry on the naming tradition.

nintendo had the NES and then the SNES and the N64 which all 3 had "Nintendo" in their name. The gamecube sort of broke that mold and the wii broke it again. But now we have wii-u and perhaps there will be a wii-3. They capitalized on the brand by keeping the nintendo in the first 3 and now they could be doing the same with the "wii".

Similar to how apple has kept true to using "i" for almost everything. ipad, iphone, ibook, itunes, imac...

Sony created the playstation name and has kept it in 5 out of 5 devices. PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP and even though it is the PSV it is more referred to simply as the "Vita". If they choose to break tradition and go with something different than PS4 then this is their chance to do so.

Kurt Russell2420d ago

Genesis was called Mega Drive where I'm from :)... I think Genesis was the better name.

Oh_Yeah2421d ago (Edited 2421d ago )

Yeah, around my way wii u has always been used as slang... something someone says when you let out a raunchy fart or when something stinks real bad.

lfclee2421d ago

I will tell you something the gamers who play online on Wiiu are the nicest people I have ever meet online really nice people and great gamers too .

2420d ago
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NoTheMama2421d ago

I have to admit, Ive always hated the name Xbox for a console.

ElectricKaibutsu2420d ago

It's true it's not very imaginative. But I guess the GameCube isn't either.

In an alternate reality: "The Xbox GameCube, by Squaresoft."

SuperLupe2421d ago

Sounded too hardcore back in the day but its ok now.

Qrphe2420d ago

True, all those names back then had similar naming styles because it was acceptable not because it was stupid.

Black-Rock-Shooter2421d ago

I think the 3DS was the same as the Wii U as people just though it was a ds with a 3D gimmick (kinda but it was still a substantial upgrade to the Graphics) but Nintendo fixed it by putting up lots of ads saying that its not the DS in the end wasting time showing how good it is.

while we got adds where people where looking at a 3ds but we could see it

3-4-52421d ago

They should have named the Pippin the Jordan. It would have sold more.

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