Will Marvel and LucasArts Games be Less Violent Now?

"While most seem to agree that Disney has very little violent content in their video-games, they do own a few video-game intellectual properties that could, in theory, be toned-down when it comes to violence."

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abzdine2828d ago

i dont care, i just want good enjoyable experiences.

3-4-52828d ago

No. Disney has stated that they realize the Universe Star wars is in and the need for battles and action and they aren't going to "G-rate" it.

Disney stuff can stay more for kids, but now they can market star wars even better along with making more games and cartoons based on the Star Wars universe.

Be prepared to be bombarded with Star wars stuff in the next 2-3 years. At least 1 animated show.

DarthJay2828d ago

Have Marvel comics and movies been less violent? Nope. There's your answer.

rdgneoz32828d ago

Violence tends to take a back seat to them messing with the lore / stories for the different IPs. Iron Man 3 was already messed with since they didn't want the same villain in 2 movies that are coming out close to each other (IM3 and next Spiderman movie). And the new Star Wars movies are said to not be following the books at all and will be an "original story" ...

DarthJay2828d ago

Yup. Agreed. That's the part we need to (or for some, don't need to) worry about. Continuity.

FragMnTagM2828d ago

Does this author not know that Disney owns a lot of movie companies that put out extremely violent and disturbing movies?

Why would it be any different for games?

penguinhunter2828d ago

I think you should read the article. He does talk about that.

Karpetburnz2828d ago

I dont think it will matter, They kept the violence in the Avengers movie, So why not the games?

Axonometri2828d ago

I feel the industry could use less effort on violence and more to good game design overall. I personally would much prefer a good game than one with limbs flying or polygons &[email protected]"ing.

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