So, Lost Planet is Finally Here for the PS3. Does it Really Matter?

Lost Planet: Extreme Condition for Xbox 360 was released in January of 2007. Consequently, you can also pick that up for less than $30 bucks on the 360. The PS3 version should be less than most new PS3 titles, at around $40. Is it still as good as it was over a year ago?

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TheHater3888d ago

Who actually cares about this game? I sure hell don't.

gta_cb3887d ago

well i wont be buying this for my PS3, i borrowed it from a friend on Xbox 360 and seriously i got bored with it after completing only 2 lvls...

Arkham3888d ago

And quoting says:

"So, does Lost Planet hold up over a year later? I think so, though possibly only due to the lack of original Playstation 3 games."

So, does the review hold up? I think not, though only because I think plug-the-butt knows which way he swing-eth. His comment really makes no sense when you look at it. Really, read the review.

This is awful blogging at its best. Sure, the game/port/whatever may suck, but seriously... Get a job, move out of the basement. The internet is not yer think right about now.

I suspect this submission was made by the author. I don't want to believe any alternatives.

diatom3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

To me he seemed almost credible. Well until he dropped that no games on the PS3 Cleveland steamer at the end.

I don't know whether to buy this game or not. I've been eyeing it on the X-Box for months, but was hoping it would be another Oblivion with the later release being the better one...

I guess I will wait for a credible review before I decide...

Mr Marbles3888d ago

Does anyone care about this game anymore? The game is such old news, who hasn't already played it on a 360? Well, besides stupid Sony loyalists who would give up gaming itself if Sony stopped making games.

games4fun3888d ago

havent played it but its only because i bought a ps3 instead of a 360 no need to be hostile.

in fact i dont want to play this game it may have been alright a few months back but who are they kidding nobody wanted it, in fact everyone was angry when they announced the ps3 version i remember clearly stating if they had made dead rising i might have cared

Also i saw it on my friends 360 and it has a decent single player but it has a horrendous and slow paced multiplayer not to mention the fact that if you fall down you take an eternity to get back up meanwhile your being blasted from behind what is funny is that i was winning matches and had the most points when playing online but i hated the online portion of the game

The Fungus3888d ago

I personally don't care about this game, but it does matter.

How could another game in the ps3 library hurt, really? Don't buy it if you don't want it, buy it if you do. Simple.

This blogger is pretty ridiculous though. Oh well.

CaliGamer3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

Linking to your own blog and submitting it as news, I was one of the people that reported this "article", if you can call it that, because of how poorly put together it was. It now seems as if my initial suspicions were correct.

It is truly getting pathetic when you have to link to your own material to prove and try to pass it off as something legitimate to prove your hate for the PS3. From time to time I write blogs, but you don't see me trying to pass it off as genuine fact because it is not. On a side note, that corny "BOOM" thing you do at the end of your post gave you away, I surely hope that crap is a work in progress.

It is a sad day when things like this have to be brought to light, I am sure you will fit in finely among the 360/PS3 fringe element on this site. I can just imagine who approved this story.

You put so much time and effort into this scheme that I can't help but feel sorry for you and your supporters, come to think of it I guess people don't take you seriously on your own site as there are no comments even after about a day and a half of it being posted and I can see why.

I have linked to counteragent's previous post where he initially tried to peddle this garbage and no one bit, it passed this time, but just be aware that it's stories like this one by both sides that are taking this site down the toilet. Keep blog post where they belong, that is why we have a section for them on this site.

Where are the moderators indeed.

CaliGamer3887d ago

Two wrongs make a right? I don't get the point of your response.

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