What Can We Expect From the Pleasantly Weird Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem?

1UP - Speculation on the most unexpected RPG crossover of the year.

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MNGamer-N2828d ago

This game looks to be awesome, it's one of the main games I wanted from Nintendo for Wii U. I love Fire Emblem so much fun + the 3DS version coming in a few days from now, yes please

TruthbeTold2828d ago

I'm just excited that we're getting some form of F.E. game on Wii U, and not just on the handheld. I hope it turns out to be awesome!

PopRocks3592828d ago

A cubic buttload of awesome, that's what. It's being made by Atlus. That's enough for me.

Toon_Link2828d ago

Sign me up! All I need now is a wiiu.