3 Things That Next Gen Consoles Should Enforce

There are probably just two types of guys who would ask for stricter rules: the guy with a secret stash of unsettling private videos and the guy who raises his hand to remind teachers about homework (and it’s often the same guy). Nevertheless, I feel like I can make a case for it, when it comes to the next generation of consoles.

The central point of the argument here is that consoles exist to provide a very different experience from the PC. Simple logic dictates that something, which is not a PC, can never be just like a PC, and it shouldn’t try to be, if you ask me. Consoles have their own strengths and a very important one of them, is their traditionally headache-free environment. We don’t buy consoles to do the complex shit, like getting Halo to run in Microsoft Word or something; we just want the ability to press a button, insert a game container of some sort and start blasting away.

Nintendo is one company that seems to realize this (or they haven’t gotten ‘there’ yet) but the other two have been introducing elements to disrupt that advantage. I feel like it’s very important that Sony and Microsoft take a page from Nintendo and tighten the screws when it comes to the following:

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animegamingnerd2830d ago

i fully agree with all 3 of these

user39158002830d ago

Achievements, DLC, and retailer exclusives has been there for over 7 years and to change them its to change money handling for the worst in the view of corporations. Big industry looks at how to make money, not how to earn less, I doubt they will change any of them since its a gimmick that brings millions and keep them a float of the regular sales. I enjoy his cursing article, lol.. However, as a gamer I do realise in order to have capabilities that are a phenomenon of great entertainment, companies most make money to invest in other areas, the problem is my hard earned income suffers lol. I have nothing negative with the industries way of deceiving its gamers if it brings them more income, I meant even the church brings you pleasure by selling you the faith of an ever after without having anything visible as a proof of your great givings. It is a way of life and althought, I hated, I dont blame them for trying to make more. We the gamer should of known better, buy your games and stick with whats in it and dont fall for the extra garbage that comes a lone with it. It is a choice you have, not a death sentence, so adapt to the ever changes or not. We are living on the cycles of life and its up to us to be self concious, no one should be able to influence your belief, unless you let them.

Y_51502830d ago

Yes to all 3 of these! I like to make a list on all three on how those could be better.

1. regulate example: $0.50 to $1 for costume DLC, $3 to $5 for a new mode, $10 to $15 for a full blown expansions.

2.I see some games doing it right. Like if any of you saw Gravity Rush trophy list. It shows the games trophy but it shows the DLC trophies below but separately.

3. I agree to stop retail exclusives! Should leave the exclusives to the special editions or collectors if people want that extra something. I like receiving the retail exclusives bu sometimes it's annoying seeing Best buy has something I like and then Gamestop has something better but I would like both!

EddieNX 2830d ago ShowReplies(1)
Tetsujin2830d ago

I Agree with all 3 of these 100%:

3. Regulate DLC - The author has some good ideas for this, and I'd like to add Season Passes is basically a guarantee companies will sucker people into something they don't need. Companies like Namco have my respect because so far for Tekken Tag 2 they had their added characters free, and charge for soundtracks (something you don't NEED) and with Mass Effect 3 the Extended Cut did help soften the blow for a better ending without charging people for it.

2. Redo Achievements and Trophies - I'm not a big fan of either however I can see where the author is coming from on this; and this also ties back into the Regulate DLC because a lot of gamers feel they "have" to get those extra DLC packs just to get their score up again. I have other opinions about this however I don't want to sound biased so I'll keep them to myself.

1. Do Away With Retailer-Exclusives - The one thing the author didn't mention is 90% of these "incentives" these other retailers use come later as some big DLC package - which again goes back to the DLC argument. The author also makes a valid point about the constant complaining about second hand market yet places like Game Stop always have some sort of special going on to get people to buy it from them, then sell it back to them later.

This is one of the rare opinion pieces I'd approve because it's something us gamers as a whole need to address otherwise it's only going to get worse. Not only vote with your wallets but it doesn't hurt to voice opinions and speak to the right people about these types of situations and show that we're done taking it in the behind.

maximaz2830d ago

This thing should be a petition

Tetsujin2829d ago

I agree, there's also a lot more to be added, and I know a lot of people who would sign it.

3-4-52830d ago

1.) Map packs for FPS games need to be cheaper and include more.

EX: 6 maps + 2 guns = $8.00

2.) If it's not a game, it can only cost so much as DLC.

EX: If it's not expansion pack or map back it HAS to be less than $5.

3.) No more selling avatar stuff....those are now Free bonuses.

4.) Lower price on controllers or do a deal.

EX: 2 controllers for $70

5.) Make better quality games that get me exicted to play them.

6.) Art Style is more important than HD "realistic" graphics

EX: Enough with the Brown & Grey.....In case you didn't know.....We ALL hate it.

7.) More Vibrant colors...^

EX: With a better art style you can depict what is what. The ground looks like the ground and the bricks the bricks and the shirt the shirt and doesn't blend with wall or pants or dirt......

8.) Actually be creative like indie developers are.

EX: Pitch good ideas to your boss...if he doesn't like it all of you need to ban together and let him know that he isn't as smart as he thinks he is.

- There is no way a Developer/studio would fire 20-30 of you at once for speaking up.

9.) Grow a pair !

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