With Nintendo Direct, Nintendo/Iwata Raising Eyebrows

Iran White writes:

'Back during the first few years after the release of the Wii, and people had long since finished The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, there was quite the drought on Nintendo’s console.

...But unlike a few years ago, Nintendo has made an adjustment to the way they choose to deal with information release.'

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phantomexe2400d ago

i don't care what other folks say i want to play that rpg they showed.

TruthbeTold2400d ago

Agreed. I definitely want to know more about Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem as well.

morpha2400d ago

I am so incredibly keen on the follow up to Xenoblade Chronicle. But has anyone else noticed that its less colorful than the original one? Its all brown/grey like Battlefield.

TruthbeTold2400d ago

True, but that's only because they showed us a few areas. Remember, these worlds are huge. They probably showed us the brown stuff, because they knew people would want to compare it to Skyrim and the like. It of course remains to be seen, but I wouldn't worry too much. It should be colorful in plenty of areas.

kirbyu2400d ago

I read the aritcle about Dos and Don'ts of SSB4, and I still don't see why Miis would be such a big deal. Playing as them would be optional. And, if Solid Snake can be in the game and gotten used to, I don't see why a Nintendo character that's also the player can't

TruthbeTold2400d ago

I wouldn't mind if the Miis had an optional Mii Mode. But if I jump online and have to face Mii's, or everyone is using Mii's during local play, I seriously won't like the game as much anymore. But, if current trends predict future ones, then I'd have to say that you probably will get what you want. I'm probably in the minority with my opinion.

kirbyu2400d ago

Yeah, but Miis aren't the only character disliked by people. So I don't see what the problem is.

TruthbeTold2399d ago

I can only speak for myself I guess, but the Mii is a user created, thing. They can look o.k., but they can also look crappy. This next Smash Bros is the first foray into HD for the series. I don't see how Mii's are going to fit in a way that isn't an eyesore, unless there is a special, separate mode for it. Or perhaps if it's only on the 3DS version.

kirbyu2399d ago

Another solution is you can't use 'em online. They'd probably do this anyway so kids playing don't end up fighting one named Penis.