‘Burnout Paradise 2′ teased by developer

Alex Ward, a leading man at Burnout creator Criterion Games, has hinted at the possibility of a second Burnout Paradise through his personal Twitter account.

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000012833d ago

oh shit, that would be a next generation title that would shoot up to number one on my most anticipated list!

Zechs342833d ago

Im with you! Paradise is arguably this generations best arcade racer and it came out what, 6 years ago?

Criterion is a fantastic studio!

Bring it!

Reverent2833d ago

Agreed. A second title would have to improve on a bit of the repetitiveness of the first game but even from that very foundation, I'd still play the freaking hell out of it.

JackBNimble2833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

Isn't NFS most wanted the NEW Burn out? There really isn't much difference between the two, I own both games , although I prefer burn out by far.

da_2pacalypse2833d ago

Calm yourselves folks. It's published by EA, meaning they will somehow shove some unnecessary feature that will just make you want to put the game down and just go back and play the original Burnout Paradise.

DOMination-2833d ago

Criterion have been owned by EA for ten years. Didn't affect Burnout 3 or Paradise!

inveni02833d ago

I don't need to see this until next gen. Burnout Paradise was a beautiful game, and I'd like to see the graphics evolve as well as the game itself.

morkendo232833d ago (Edited 2833d ago )

now if only CRITERION would take burnout engine out of their NEED FOR SPEED it would be 2 hits!!
instead of same game with different titles.

@ zechs34 criterion has made recent BURNOUT did you not buy HOTPURSUIT AN MOSTWANTED?? there you are burnout paradise 2 an 3

surely was not "NEED FOR SPEED" BY a looooooooong shot.

KidBroSweets22832d ago

Would anybody else also want to see a new Midnight Club game? And my brother would go ape$#!t to hear about this game. He put so much time in paradise city.

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BattleAxe2833d ago

Great game, great atmosphere, great soundtrack, I'm really looking forward to Burnout Paradise 2!

showtimefolks2833d ago

i hope this time its with real licensed cars, i loved BO but not having original cars kind of took something off

RedDeadLB2833d ago

Having real cars means paying for licenses and it means you can't damage the cars to the extent Burnout Paradise provided.

So no, no real cars please!

Blaze9292833d ago

if they do i hope they get rid of that open world bullcrap. NFS MW (2012) was just...bad.

fei-hung2833d ago

Same here. Been playing BO since the 1st came out on the GameCube, but I just hated the open world of BO Paradise.

I don't want to concentrate on making sure I don't take a wrong turn to take me on wild cross country drive in the opposite direction, I want to concentrate on the race itself and driving as bat ass crazy as possible. It took a lot of the fun away for me and I couldn't be asked playing it anymore.

It lacked local multiplayer and there was no party crash mode.

BO 2 had the best courses for racing and drifting and BO Takedown had the best additions before they went a bit too far.

In case it is open world again, I just hope they allow us to restart the race at any point and they have a GPS to make sure those of us who like to concentrate on racing can do so without worrying about directions.

thezeldadoth2833d ago

Need for speed most wanted pretty much = burnout paradise 2, and its awesome.

gunnerforlife2833d ago

Burnout3:takedown for me is probably the greatest racing game ive ever played! with amazing soundtracks! i hope they make a burnout:takedown2 one day, no open world shit.

KnightRobby2832d ago

I personally think Burnout Paradise 2 and the Burnout franchise should be Criterion's top focus. This is their creation and their baby. I also hope they find a unique identity with the Need for Speed franchise at the same time.

oricon2832d ago

I hope the actual racing is not open world but the hub stays can keep the open world, just disliked how you have to keep checking the map to know where your driving which is especially difficult in a game where your driving really fast.

Gamer19822832d ago

Yeah NFS which was supposed to be BP2 was an epic fail we want a real BP2!

hotrider122832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

now that CRITERION GAMES making BURNOUT PARADISE 2 maybe they give EA the tool kit for need for speed back. a serious developer will take fans desire for a GOOD need for speed into consideration now.

Hotpursuit was craptastic failure, Mostwanted was seriously BURNOUT indisguised. for me it was the auto-log fiasco, could not progress the game unless your online that killed it for me got refunded.


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AusRogo2833d ago

Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yeeeess! I love Criterion <3

Pieman5232833d ago

oh hell yes. playing NFS: Most Wanted only increased my need for another burnout.

dkeat2833d ago

Came here just to say the same. Might have rather had this.

TENTONGUN2833d ago

man really :) burnout kicks ass. its a trip we havent seen a follow up in years. game just needs to be around forever ya know.

dirthurts2833d ago

If it runs half as crappy as NFSMW on pc, I'll be avoiding.
The first time I ever got a refund for a digital game.

FragMnTagM2833d ago

Do you not have the specs to run it? Bad drivers?

I have it and it works great.

I have it maxed out at 60-70fps on a GTX 660ti.

Have had 0 problems.

SilentNegotiator2833d ago

You had no issues with performance on a $300 Nvidia card? Wowie, tell us more.

dirthurts2833d ago

I have a 2gb radeon 7870.
quad core amd @4ghz.
4ghz ram.
Shouldn't be a problem.
Runs everything else great. Battlefield 3 at the highest settings at a solid 60fps.
It's bad programming. It will dip from 60 to 20fps just because you take a turn.
Consider yourself lucky.

thezeldadoth2833d ago

@silentnegotiator. I have a 3 year old can get it for...80 bucks? It runs it on all high settings, 60 fps, prettier than console version.

thezeldadoth2832d ago

wow. 3 disagrees with facts. facts. you disagree that i can run this game with a gts 450? and you disagree that the graphics are turned up to a higher quality than the console versions? this place is not for gamers, its for rabid fanboys who ignore facts

kaozgamer2832d ago


mate i have a xfx hd 7870. runs good. sometimes the framerate will drop to 30 when your around the cities but most of the time its a solid 60

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NeoTribe2833d ago

Guess its time to get rid of the old windows 95 packerd bell.