Where did the PlayStation Vita go wrong?

On paper, Sony’s PlayStation Vita looks like an awesome handheld. It’s specs even resemble a slightly under powered PlayStation 3.

So where did the PlayStation Vita go wrong?

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pat_11_52864d ago

These cry babies need to shut up. The Vita is an awesome gaming device. The games are coming, just have some patience.

joeorc2864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

I would not call them cry babies, but i would put into Question , why did they buy the PSVita in the first place?

He states this in his piece:

"Or are you still on the fence about the Vita like me?"

but yet here is what he stated:

""Until then, my Vita will continue sitting in a box on my desk collecting dust."

So he's on the fence about playing his PSVita?

when there is

Back catalog of PSP games,PS1 games,psp mini's, than you Have playstation Mobile. than what ever PSVita games that have been released. but yet there is nothing to play?

the View by many on the PSVita is downright pessimistic by many gamer's and Media. but the past on Sony's support for their Game systems have Shown exactly ever since they have been in this part of the market that pessimistic view about Sony in the game madia and forums is the same thing for every playstation that has ever been released.

Why PlayStation2 will fail

11-26-1999 09:49 PM

PlayStation2 is overpriced, it only has a 3 month headstart on Dolphin everywehre but Japan, and it has a bunch of useless features that won't be used by mainstream consumers until the PS2's game abilities are obsolete.

Kur02864d ago

That is hilarious. That guy couldn't have been more wrong even if he tried. I'm surprised Sony kept the old forum posts!

Kalowest2864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

I didn't get my Vita to play "PSP,PS1,psp mini game", I got it to play Vita made games, I can play all that other stuff on my hacked PSP.

joeorc2864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

"I didn't get my Vita to play "PSP,PS1,psp mini game", I got it to play Vita made games, I can play all that other stuff on my hacked PSP."

and why do you think there is not very many PSVita games released right now?

because their still working on them!

It seem's many do not really have any freaking idea how long it would take to make a game like TearAway, or killzone mercenary!

Many just want the game's Now instead of waiting for them to be made, 20+ games were made for @ launch window, new Playstation Mobile and PSVita
Games are being made for the system. does many still not get that?

the Nintendo 3DS has two ARM core Cortex 11 cpu's each core runs @ 268 MHz, with 128 MB of system ram. and a single core PICA 200 GPU which runs @ 268 MHz with 6 MB of dedicate GPU memory.

the PSVita's GPU is not only way more advanced, but the fact it is 4 GPU cores with the clock speed over 300 MHz with 128 MB of dedicated GPU Ram never mind the Quad CORE cortex A9 processor's. developing for this machine is like developing for a living room Game console , not like developing for a Handheld!

we are talking about a HandHeld that absolutly dwarf's the Wii!

to expect Unique, Exclusives that push the Hardware to be done in such short time is not only unrealistic, but people are being downright
naive if they think that is the case! Yes you can churn out Good fun game's that does not push the hardware, but Gamer's want to see more from Sony like Exclusive games like gravity rush! those games take Time people!

If you cannot wait , Maybe the PSVita is not right for your Gaming Need's.

deafdani2864d ago

"PSP games,PS1 games, psp mini's, playstation Mobile."

Yeah, except that some people bought the Vita to play Vita games. And those are lacking on the system right now.

XabiDaChosenOne2864d ago

@Joeorc wow bro what a blast from the past lol, I was still in elementary school when this post was written now I'm almost on my way out of college, Jesus where does the time go?

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iamnsuperman2864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

There are quite a number of games coming to the Vita which people seem to over look (seriously go look it up, it may surprise you) but generally third parties just do not seem interested.

Third party do not want to develop for it as it could be a cost risk considering the numbers the Vita has sold. But the people do not want to buy it if there is no third party support.

I say get Gaikai on it. Stream PS3/PS4 games to it (the ones you own with the possibility of paying for the Gaikai service if you want more) and people will run out to buy it.

profgerbik2864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

This will happen in due time then everyone can finally shut up when the PS Vita is literally capable of playing PS4 games just by streaming.

Sony knows what they were doing with Gaikai, they saw this market taking a turn for the worst and that was honestly the best decision they could have made to stay in the game.

If it ever got a point where people could not even make profit or afford to build new consoles or handhelds Sony can still support their user base by having their games on Gaikai available to anyone with an internet connection and developers could still be making games for Sony.

Everyone loves to shit on Sony as if they never make any good decisions but I know better it also helps not to focus on now but actually try to think of what the future of these services they have can even bring to the table, just knowing how awesome Gaikai was before Sony even bought it.. Says to me they made one hell of a great decision on that one.

I already know they will do something amazing with Gaikai seeing as they have invested more money into their version of Gaikai than anything else it seems at the moment also tells me it will be a big thing when it's all figured out. You aren't investing close to a billion in this service for nothing.

DERKADER2864d ago

I just think that the dedicated handheld gaming market is a youth driven market that isn't interested in a high end device.

iamnsuperman2864d ago

I think you right. I think I remember reading somewhere that the market is heavily dominated by younger teenagers and mainly females (I am non of those)

PopRocks3592864d ago

Uh, guys? If that was the case then why is the 3DS doing as we'll as it is? Don't blame the market for the Vita's sale figures when the 3DS is coexisting with the IPads/iPhones/android market just fine.

DERKADER2864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

Because the 3DS/DS caters to a youth based marked with its games, advertising and pricing. Also I said "dedicated handheld gaming" so iPads/iPhones/Androind are not included in my opinion.

LOGICWINS2864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )

"Uh, guys? If that was the case then why is the 3DS doing as we'll as it is?"


insomnium22864d ago


derkader said high end device so....

iamnsuperman2864d ago (Edited 2864d ago )


Look at DS top selling games
New Super Mario Bros. (29.09 million)
Nintendogs (23.64 million)
Mario Kart DS (22.57 million)
Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day! (18.96 million)
Pokémon Diamond and Pearl (17.57 million)
Brain Age 2: More Training in Minutes a Day! (14.83 million)

Super Mario 3D Land 5.84 million
Mario Kart 7 5.24 million
New Super Mario Bros. 2 3.25 million
Nintendogs + Cats 2.70 million
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D 2.61 million
Animal Crossing: New Leaf 2 million

Those games have broad market appeal. The fact Nintendogs and Brain training is so high is rather telling of the market. I am not saying the Vita sales figures is because of the market. Actually it is the choice of their games because it would appear broad market games sell much better.

InMyOpinion2864d ago

People would rather play high quality titles like Mario, Zelda, Kingdom Hearts, Kid Icarus and Monster Hunter than crappy Vita iterations of COD and Resistance.

Soul Sacrifice looks really good but it isn't out yet. It might change things up.

Kingthrash3602864d ago

@ in my you soon forget uncharted, gravity rush, persona4, mvc, sfxt, AC, sonic racing, sinemora, ninja gaiden sigma, strangers wrath, nfsmw. To name a few...why just mention low underrated games (IMO) for the vita?? Your point is useless... Also monster hunter isn't out yet so put that next to soul sacrifice... oh and the 3ds has a year head start over the vita and the vita has more worth while games already.....Zelda is a 2 year old launch game (a remake of a 9 year old game) that ant self respecting 3ds owner has beaten twice and traded in already.... I'm no fanboy so don't go there but I own both systems and my 3 ds is collecting dust right now (sadly) its truly made for kids is nintendogs to a grown man???
The vita did nothing wrong and is not in trouble.
Thos guys at Nintendo know where the money is and that's in the kids... Wii put sold all consoles, the ds outsold the wii... Name me one sports game better on the wii and the others.... Or 1 3rd party game.... Just 1.. Do tha same for the 3ds ....

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FlyingFoxy2864d ago

in my opinion is an idiot, sure Zelda might be a quality title but you left out Uncharted, the best game on Vita and it looks great to boot.

TongkatAli2864d ago

You can play FFIX on it. It will never be a failure when it can play that game.

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