Move, Bitch. Get Out Of The Way.

GamingLives takes a look at the mostly-braindead AI systems in games, and moreso with companions, pondering why they've never yet been given a bit more of the "I" and a bit less of the "A".

"You sit there taking the time to line up that perfect headshot with your sniper rifle, and the next thing you know your jackass of a sidekick has planted themselves in front of your scope like a special child wandering into traffic and deciding to wave at an oncoming bus."

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TruthbeTold2831d ago

lol, yep. These things get pretty frustrating at times.

PhoenixRising372831d ago

call of duty veteran campaign:
you're sniping in the back, you take down 20 guys, you line up to shoot the last guy annnnnd
"friendly fire will not be tolerated"

Tzuno2828d ago

Yeah bitch listen to tha' MAN.