IGN's Naruto: Ninja Destiny Review

The Naruto franchise has given players everything from action to adventure, RPG and 2D arena fighting on GBA and DS, but for the first time on a Nintendo handheld D3 has delivered something that is truly worth getting excited about. Naruto: Ninja Destiny is a much-needed leap in the right direction, as the game draws its inspiration from the Clash of Ninja series, and succeeds in delivering one of the best fighting games on DS, and it's only going to get better down the line.

Ninja Destiny is a little thin as far as game modes and multiplayer goes, with only Arcade and Story modes teaming with multi-card two player action (no download play here), but the core engine is strong enough to go nuts on the inevitable sequel down the line. The action is fluid and beautiful, the animations are slick, and the combat is fast and entertaining. Developer Dream Factory has laid one heck of a foundation with Ninja Destiny. Now it's time to build on that foundation.

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