Hey! Listen - "Main Theme" (Dungeon Lords)

"Never heard of Dungeon Lords? I don’t blame you. The game was a buggy, incomplete mess when it released for PC back in 2005, and even when subsequent patches and two re-releases subtitled Collector’s Edition and MMXII came out, they failed to hide the fact that despite some neat touches, the game was mostly a derivative action-RPG riddled with poor design choices. Definitely a low point for D.W. Bradley, who also designed the excellent Wizardry series. If there was one redeeming quality to the game, it was the expertly crafted main theme for the game, which I still remember years after the game got buried somewhere in the dungeon that is my closet.

The track doesn’t really have a title other than “Main Theme,” and for some perplexing reason, it’s nearly impossible to find out who composed the piece. Whoever they are though, they should definitely be proud of their work. The piece has a lively nature to it that echos both urgency and ambition, two things which are definitely befitting of a fantasy hero’s quest. It’s complimented by great buildup and a smooth, relaxed conclusion that makes great use of wind instruments." (Michael Urban,

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