Why I Love the PlayStation Network

Flynn from and the PlayStation Network have a bit of a history, and he has no shame in admitting that he has grown quite fond of it. Find out why he thinks it’s a service worth bringing home to mama.

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dazzrazz2832d ago

I don't understand why people who write those lame articles constantly point towards $60 MRSP ! I have used xbox since 07 and in that time have not even once paid full retail price (thank you Amazon) I guess the only place they know is Gamestop !

LOGICWINS2832d ago

Even if XBL was $5 a year, I still wouldn't bite. It's about principle. Paying extra money to use your own Internet connection is

Belking2832d ago

That's ok though because other people money is just as good. That's the good thing about having choices.

Bumpmapping2832d ago

Still paying for what one extra feature *Party chat* def not worth 40$-60 whatever you pay for Live.

mandf2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

Every console and pc that has online multiplayer is FREE. MS is the only company that charges a price for online. First it was x-game chat is what makes it worth it now steam and vita give it to you for free. A money ploy is a money ploy. Stop sticking up for a company that is gouging you. Xbox gamers should stand up for themselves and demand better.

Edit MS has nothing to do with multiplayer games. Not the servers, nothing. It's gouging.

thebudgetgamer2832d ago

I don't love it, don't hate it. It works and is not bad.