EGM Rumors: Crackdown Sequel Squashed, EA Entering the Octagon

The juiciest tidbit from the April issue of EGM is kind of a bummer: A Crackdown sequel looks like it won't happen any time soon. Sure, Microsoft has danced around the idea of making another addictive orb-hunting shooter, but Quartermann says even if Crackdown 2 does come to fruition, original developer Realtime Worlds probably won't be making it.

It also seems like Sony's unique PSP game Patapon will have some sort of spin-off; rumor is something Patapon-related will pop up on the PlayStation Network.

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toughNAME3888d ago

wasn't it confirmed that there would be no sequel last year??

sucks...but I'll go for APB

lodossrage3888d ago

But I don't see why they wouldn't have a crackdown sequel in the works.

It sure as hell sold decently. Financially, it would be poor decision making NOT to in on a sequel to crackdown.

RecSpec3888d ago

I'm sure that had nothing to do with the Halo 3 demo being in there. Yep, absolutely nothing at all.

Crackdown was an awesome game, but it got a push, if you know what I mean.

lodossrage3888d ago

But BECAUSE of that lil push from HALO 3, the game itself got out in the open. And it was well-received and considered a viable game for the 360.

So if they did make a sequel, it wouldn't need the extra push the second time around.

Gondee3888d ago

If you think about it was a great idea. Now if they lanch another game they already have that "awsome title" that its following up. It may have its own big push

gta_cb3887d ago

im glad you added

"Crackdown was an awesome game, but it got a push, if you know what I mean."

to the end of your comment otherwise i would have completely disagreed with you lol, yeah its a good game, i was one of the few that bought the game because of playing the demo from marketplace, nothing to do with Halo 3 beta as until Halo 3 i hadnt played the series.

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power of Green 3888d ago

Never heard of such a claim. Hmmm.... Seems like APB be the focus.

green3888d ago

i rather they concentrate on APB.Crackdown can come after that

candystop3888d ago

I'm pretty sure we wont see crackdown 2 until sometime next year so for now I hope they stay focused on APB!

Snukadaman3888d ago

It said some other studio was already working on crackdown 2 if I remember...anyone else remember that?

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The story is too old to be commented.