Phantasy Star Universe Gameplay Video

Don't be fooled by the cutesy female characters in this demo, this game can be enjoyed by both genders. This MMORPG features extensive costumizations with many cool and rare items to find and spells to upgrade. It also features extensive leveling up. It will be available for XBOX360, PC, and PS2.

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Schmitty075904d ago

I just can't justify paying a monthly fee for one game no matter how good it is.

ChickeyCantor5903d ago

dont worry sooner or later there will be a private server :P

BIadestarX5902d ago

can anyone provide a link that indicates that this game will have an montly fee? I pre-order this game; and most likely I will cancel the pre-order if I have to pay montly fee. Not that I am against it; but right now I don't have as much time to make the montly fee worth.