Monolith Soft isn't Having any CPU Problems, Xenoblade 2 Surpasses Current Generation JRPGs

Nintendo’s President and CEO Satoru Iwata unveiled brand new Wii U games in Nintendo latest Nintendo Direct. However, X or Xenoblade 2 looks to be the Wii U’s first original game that takes full advantage of the hardware and gameplay functions of the system, leaving current generation JRPGs in the dust. Playeressence's Furious Francis salivates over the trailer and discusses the game in detail.

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animegamingnerd2832d ago

hey everyone on N4G i am going to sleep until E3 do me a favor and wake me up the day of nintendo's E3

NewMonday2832d ago

from what I see this how an AAA JRPG should be, but when (if ever) do we get it in the West?

animegamingnerd2832d ago

NOA did promise they will localize a lot more games then past gens cause of operation rainfall

HarryMasonHerpderp2832d ago

I think the original Xenoblade did pretty well so I don't see why they wouldn't release it in the west. Also it was a pretty big announcement and it would just be stupid to hype people up and not localise it.

SolidStoner2832d ago

I dont know why, Wii U still doesn't impress me! It seems to be a good console, but I dont see any real reason why I should buy it instead of other consoles!

AsimLeonheart2832d ago

The trailer is impressive. However, nobody cared about Monolithsoft when they were making the Xenosaga series on PS2 and now they are suddenly regarded as a AAA JRPG developer. It is sad because they had to quit the Xenosaga series because of poor reception. Then they got sold to Nintendo and now they are rising to fame under them.

--Onilink--2832d ago

well considering this was a Nintendo Direct for America and Europe, i think its safe to say its coming. Besides Xenoblade surpassed NOA's sales expectations

NewMonday2832d ago


Xenosaga was good, but not AAA like Xenoblade, Monolithsoft leveled up with that game.

N4GDgAPc2832d ago


well my opinion I disagree. I think Xenosaga had a more indepth story than what xenoblade had. Still one of my favorite stories for video games and one of the top series.

Man did I hate people say the game sucked because all it was is cut scenes and no gameplay. Yes there was 8hrs of cutscenes but to get everything it took an extra 80+hrs.

MikeMyers2832d ago

Just imagine the response here on N4G if this game was announced for the PS3 and was partnered with Sony. You would have a totally different reaction. Same with if this game was partnered with Microsoft, again you would have a totally different reaction.

People often align the game with the system when it is the game that should be the main focus. So what ends up happening is you have people who have different levels of expectations to win them over.

blackbeld2832d ago

Xenoblade 2 is amazing!

I buy it day 1!

wolokowoh2832d ago

@Tvensky Your thought process is all wrong though. If you have to buy pick one console next gen obviously you should wait and see. The problem is you should not be thinking this way. This is very limiting. Instead it should be "Why should I ALSO buy this console when this other console will have many of the same things and possibly more?" Right now Nintendo is making a great case for secondary console. If they continue this trend they will eventually make a case for a primary console, which is the type of console that can win the first kind of argument.

RememberThe3572831d ago

@wolokowoh: And what if you don't have the time or money for a secondary console? If the Wii U doesn't seem to offer enough to current gen owners why would that change when the newer consoles come out?

Also on topic: I'm about 20 hours into Xneoblade and it's dope. If there was a game to get me into the Wii U it would be this one.

Gamer19822831d ago

The problem with this game is simple.. This is the first Xeno game we will ever see not on the best selling console of the time. They started on PS1 then went to Ps2 then Wii and now WiiU. I think WiiU is the first time this series has been on a console thats not an established "top selling" console. It maybe in the future who knows? But company's have always played it safe with this series as it doesn't sell to well and it certainly isn't a console seller.

N4GDgAPc2831d ago

U forget a game like xeno back in the day no dought they would make it for ps1 to ps2. U just never seen any game like that made on the nintendo 64, gamecube, or xbox.

I don't know if you can count the ps1 though since that was made by squaresoft at the time.

Only reason xenoblade was made on nintendo because nintendo bought them out. I don't think they would of made it for the wii if they had the chance to make it on the ps3. They are nintendos first party comapny now.

So they never played it safe really. Xenoblade would of sold better on the PS3 anyways. Even though wii sold great only games that sold very well was mario and casual games.

DragonKnight2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

@newmonday: All I have to say about Xenosaga is summed up in this one theme...

Yeah, it comes from the worst game of the series, but you can't deny the rivalry was epic.

@MikeMeyers: Was that comment necessary? It's like you were looking to invite the fanboys in to start console war battles. Seriously?

NewMonday2831d ago

I agree that Xenosaga had a better story, but Xenoblade was better in gameplay and a better world to explore, but annoying English voice acting.

But the original Xenogears is still the best overall.

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IAMERROR2832d ago

I hope this sells well, you Wii U owners gotta show interest in games like these so we see more.

MasterCornholio2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

True instead of buying so many Mario games they have to show more interest in 3rd party titles. Seriously 600 k for Resident Evil Revelations (Uncharted Golden Abyss sold the same amount on a handheld with an install base of a million) is a pathetic amount on a handheld with an install base of over 20 million yet Super Mario 3D land sold over 6 million units and Mario Kart 3DS sold over 7.5 million units.

If Wii U owners want 3rd party developers to bring their games to their console then they better start buying them. It would be a shame if monolith does a fantastic job with this game and then sells very little.

twilight_link2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

MasterCornholio: Vita owners are bunch of idiots the second best selling game on this device is 4/10 game CoD.

They bought this trash because it's CoD those mature hardcore players are nothing but brainwashed fools, even bad port like Skyrim on PS3 sells far better than almost anything 1st party on PS3.

Sony create some great games but their customers are fools.

truechainz2832d ago

If you are saying this as a Wii U owner who hopes to get this game then I agree. If you are not planning to get this game and the Wii U then please don't ask someone to do something like that if you aren't gonna get a Wii U and do it yourself.

Rynocirator2831d ago

@MasterCornholio Monolith Soft is actually a first part developer now, but I totally agree I don't care about mario anymore, or zelda, I want things that really shine on a particular system...nintendo has been falling back on the same games for over 20 years and they are truly boring now, it's about time they get known for other games.

Gamer19822831d ago

Problem is it's NOT gonna happen is it? Once new consoles are announced most are gonna lose interest in WiiU and other than for the Ninty exclusives nobodys gonna buy the WiiU. It's not got the same pull as the Wii. I am not saying this as a fanboy but right now theres no reason to really buy it. It has a few nice 3rd party exclusives coming out for it but not enough to make it stand out and certainly not enough for gamers to stay behind a generation. I may get one myself though purely for Mario Kart & Smash Brothers in the future when released as love playing them with my sons.

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kupomogli2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )


You didn't know? Being a first party studio under Nintendo makes your company 10,000 times better.

MonolithSoft was a great company prior to leaving Namco Bandai. Xenosaga 1 and 3, DBZ Attack of the Saiyans, and the two Super Robot Wars games(I've heard these two were good, not sure) were good games.

On the other hand, Namco x Capcom and Xenosaga 2 were pretty bad. The gameplay on Xenosaga 1 really sucked as well, but everything else was great.

Hicken2831d ago

To be fair, the dev team was gutted in Xenosaga 2. Of the four Xeno games I've played (haven't played blade yet), XS2 is my least favorite.

That aside, was it decided that this was Xenoblade 2?

Gamer19822831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

Nope no word this is Xenoblade 2 people are guessing right now. Cannot see it being that myself not this late after launch of the original either and not so different either. It may be a re-imagining of Xenoblade though.

YoungPlex2832d ago

From a technical standpoint, this game is phenomenal! I've not been impressed like this in quite some time and given the fact that it was announced within 3 months of the Wii U's life cycle, makes it even more impressive. If this is what Wii U games look like this early on I highly doubt that graphics will be the determining factor in the upcoming console race. I'm sure that other next-gen consoles will be even more impressive, I just don't think it'll be to the point that anyone couldn't play this game because it looks like crap! Xenoblade was great looking but had terrible resolution, but this, this is going to be a masterpiece no matter what comes out... I'm glad to see Nintendo bringing Japanese support to American and Europe without delay.

Rynocirator2831d ago

They have probably been working on it for a couple of years now, thats why they are able to show something...on top of that I think it was more of a tech demo like versus xiii than a trailer...doesnt mean the game wont come out like versus xiii probably wont but its just showing what they have already. I bet all they have are the environments, the combat system, music, things like that...I bet there arent any cutscenes or we would have seen those instead like they did with xenoblade chronicles.

hkgamer2831d ago

looks fantastic to be honest, not many JRPG's will top the graphics on this for a while.

Those graphics should hold up for a while, I think the main problem the Wii had was the games resolution as well as the wii remote.

Wii U exclusive games should look pretty decent, but I guess compared to the other consoles it wouldn't be able to compete.

Neonridr2832d ago

The title of the article is a bit misleading. I mean it's not like Monolith Soft went on record stating that the CPU in the Wii U was great or anything. We are only making that assumption because the game looks absolutely stunning and thus we think that Monolith Soft is pushing the Wii U hardware like no other developer has done before.

I do agree with the above poster, that if Wii U games start to look like this and only get better from here on out, then there are going to be a lot of happy Wii U owners out there, and possibly some PS4/720 owners who want a secondary console for some exclusive Wii U games.

Regardless, this game looks very impressive, and if it has the scope and size of Xenoblade plus the added horsepower and graphical capabilities coupled with the extra storage space on the Wii U discs, then this game could certainly be an incredible experience. I can't wait to see more, hopefully at E3!

Theyellowflash302832d ago

Sorry if the title was misleading. It was more of a response to the people, mainly digital foundry, who said the Wii U's CPU will cause problems for larger games.

But I think you can clearly see, when you optimize a game for a system, you won't have those problems.

Neonridr2832d ago

I have been saying all along that the Wii U has a totally different architecture to it, so when developers are willing to take the time to optimize it properly, you get games that actually look better than the 360/PS3 counterparts. But if developers just want to port their code over, then of course it will not look any better, and will more than likely not run as well as the primary platform since that's not the way the Wii U's architecture is designed to handle code.

This game looks stunning, and I cannot wait for it to release.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2832d ago

"Sorry if the title was misleading. It was more of a response to the people, mainly digital foundry, who said the Wii U's CPU will cause problems for larger games. "

What about disk space?

Instigator2831d ago


The Wii U discs can hold up to 25GB, which is the same as a single layer Blu-ray disc. I don't know if the Wii U can read dual layer discs, but either way it shouldn't pose a problem with 25GB to work with.

hesido2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

@Neonridr: I'm very sure WiiU will produce good visuals, but I think a console which launches 6 years after the current gen consoles should be producing better visuals solely with its raw power, and shouldn't have needed extra special care to just look about the same or slightly better. Nintendo went with the cheap route, and it shows. But I think it is OK to have it roughly the same as current gen, as devs won't have to tier their assets with respect to Wii U, their PS3/Xbox assets will do fine on Wii U. This way Wii U won't be able to hold back the next gen consoles, just as Wii 1 couldn't hold back PS3/Xbox development as there was massive difference in raw power.

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EddieNX 2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

Indeed. As I was saying , it is clear from that footage that it surpasses current Gen RPG's and most games in general.

What were you saying Ez2013 ? And the game is pre alpha which means you can expect the kinds of leaps and bounds that Pikmin 3 has made since it was first unveiled.

By the time it's finished X will look better than anything on Ps3 and 360. That's not really a bragging right as the wiiu is an 8th gen system , but it's true.

HarryMasonHerpderp2832d ago

Whoa whoa whoa.
Yes it looks awesome but let's not say things that aren't true.

lovegames7182832d ago

Delusional as usual

You are not a professional and in the end professionals will explain to you how games liek the TLOU, GOW, Beyond etc... are better than the competition and nothing the wiiu spews out looks better.

You pray and hope but your prayers wont be answered lol Your hype off of what? I see neogaf has more informed and smarter pool of ppl in it because your going crazy over video of an empty boring looking world? lol come on man those videos proved or showed anything. I can put GOW3 pics next to those and show you how its really done with tons of enemies trying to massacre me.

Ppl trying too hard to prove that wiiu is next gen and its coming up short. You know its grasping for straws when rehashed games and hd remakes are "Nintendos awesome announcments that Sony and Micro should worry about" lol

Gow. TLOU, Beyond, Ni No Kuni all better and look better than anything that was shown sorry man try again in a few years.

2832d ago
Ezz20132832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

""Btw the games you cited, no one look better than this.""
i don't know what kind of world you live in
if you think those games he said don't look better

all in-game gameplay gif ...non of them are cutscene

now again say with a straight face they don't look better ...
you nintendo guys hyperball this game way tooooooooo much just like you did with ZombieU

as for open world JRPG game who look better than X games ...Ni No Kuni

lovegames7182832d ago

So let me get this straight your hype off of bullshots amd a video probably on a computer showing a bland and lifeless world with dsecent graphics and your telling me youve seen nothing in videos or on systems that looks better lol hahahahah

Let me tell you something it looks like its going the open world route indeed lifeless, bland, minimal enemies and will be repetitous as hell. I seen a video of dust 514 that makes it look like its running on a super computer and although the visuals are decent on the ps3 and game seems good it doesnt look that suped up.

Games like Uc2, Kz, GOw3 look better and have more life so i dont even have to mention the new ones. Im already playing a gorgeous jrpg with lush graphics on my ps3 and its called Ni No kuni which based on reviews is tried and proven. Keep letting Nintendo pull the wool over your eyes. I wont!!!!

Ezz20132832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )


lol OMG!!XD Ok ok

you know what !!'s no point to argue with you any more or any WiiU fanboy for that matter

you guys like to live in another world as it seem

what ever help you ;)

aquamala2832d ago

Talk about delusional, 360/ps3 are maxed out, but we are just beginning to see games taking advantage of wii u, how do ps3 games look in its first 2 months after launch? And i have all 3 consoles dude

Muerte24942832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

matter to me. I own xbox360, ps3, and wii U so bring on the games. What i think we all can agree on is that this game actually shows the potential of the wii U. With that said, all those gif and screenshots just make me glad that I own a ps3 (ps4 day one). This does look like some you're not going to want to pass up if you're a wii U owner. 2013 looks to be the return of JRPGS.

WiiUsauce2831d ago

As excited as I am for God of War Ascension, the Last of Us, and Beyond Two Souls(actually, I'm not too excited for Beyond Two Souls, but it does look interesting), NONE of those games are open world, so you CANNOT compare them to Xenoblade 2.

Of course they can make a game like God of War that is closed off with invisible walls and camera angles that you cannot control look better in a small closed off space than an open-ended, sprawling, massive world like Xenoblade 2.

Xenoblade 2 is open world, and it is truly impressive how detailed the character models are, how detailed the landscapes, and how gigantic the monsters are and everything runs at a brisk framerate. Xenoblade 2 looks better than anything ever done on current gen consoles. Deal with it.

N4GDgAPc2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

Well seems like they don't know the technical limintations. An Open world rpg game is never going to look as good as a game like Uncharted. You don't see much open world games as good as this.

Now is it the best? It all comes down to preference. I think ff13 looks a little better and from the videos from FFvs13 doesn't even compare. FFvs13 I can actually say it looks like it will be on par with uncharted. But thats square-enix for you. Graphics power house. I know alot of people hated ff13 but no dening that the graphics were amazing.

Some don't understand that they see something that looks better they think its better graphically. That is not true. Graphics deal with Global Illumination, Lighting, Normal Mapping anything with the game engine.

But why does someone think another game is better than the other though? Its just one is more artistically better. U don't need to have the best graphics to make a game look amazing. A great artist can make a game look alot better with a mediocre game engine than someone with very limited artistic skills on a top of the line game engine.

I remember when Mario Galaxy came out there was some that thought it was the best graphically game ever. No not even close. They just liked the artistic style of it.

If the world is as big as Xenoblade and detailed as it was then the environments will be amazing.

TruthbeTold2831d ago

Not to take anything away from GoW, or Santa Monica, but God of War looks so great because the environments are fixed angle. Ever wonder why you can't change the camera angle and see the glorious graphics from different angles? Because the console isn't rendering the environment in 360 real time. it's an awesome, and clever trick, but obviously you can't do that in an open world game...

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Arksine2832d ago

It looks pretty good. But its not a huge visual leap over the field in Final Fantasy XIII, if any at all. That was probably the most impressive aspect of FFXIII. But at this point I have much more faith in Monolith's ability to make a great game, rather than just a pretty game.

This game is going to force me to get a Wii U, hopefully I'll be able to wait until the first price drop. I have always been a huge fan of Monolith, but I would like to see them take another shot at a space opera like Xenosaga.

Theyellowflash302832d ago

Did you see the comparison in the article of Final Fantasy XIII's Gran Pulse and Xenoblade 2's open world?

Xenoblade 2's enviornments are more detailed and lush. The grass and textures look a lot better in Xenoblade. Draw distance and scope are better as well. Plus the monster detail is better.

Run both games open worlds side by side. Xenoblade 2 is hands down better. And the scary thing is, the game is not even complete. It could look better when it finished.

jmc88882832d ago

Final Fantasy XIII wasn't just linear, it was like on rails linear. Don't think I've seen a game that restrictive in terms of movement for a long time.

Plus you know their specialty is good looking games.

CrimsonSquall2832d ago

It looks good! But no, this is still not close to The Last of Us or Uncharted or GOW, Im sorry

Theyellowflash302832d ago

Both of those games are not open world RPGs with massive monsters roaming about. There closed off action games. For the scope of Xenoblade 2 to look as good as it does, might be more impressive to some people. You can go anywhere in the game. Can't say the same about Uncharted and The Last of Us.

CrimsonSquall2832d ago

Sure The Last of Us isnt open world, however from what Ive seen, its not entirely linear akin to U3. But I guess in the sense of open RPGs, I guess it does sit pretty close or at FFVSXIII

jmc88882832d ago

Open world game vs closed world game is an entirely different beast.

Open world games have much more to cram in, it's why GTA series has always looked far worse even on PC then what non-open world games look like at that given time.

The mods on Skyrim do a good job to bring out alot of detail, but at a higher resource cost, and still isn't the same as a closed off one. But very admirable.

Plus you are looking at early development of a specific game on a new console versus late development of a specific game on a mature console.

Why not compare this to say GTA IV on 360/PS3? Or something like that. I think that would be more appropriate.

CrimsonSquall2832d ago

I would compare them, but I can't. GTA IV was pretty early in the console cycle and they arent even really going for the same thing. Theres a lot more hussle n bussle in a GTA game in the world versus an rpg where u will mostly see monsters n some towns here n there to sparce with the sidequests, 2 very different feels

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Qrphe2832d ago

Why do people jump the boat as already making the best-looking game they've ever seen?

Yes the game looks stunning, no, it's not beyond anything we've already seen.

TruthbeTold2831d ago

They're saying best on console. Not of anything we've ever seen. Yeah, people are excited, and the game looks great. Especially since it's a very early build. But I wouldn't call it jumping the boat. Considering the scope, and the look of it, the argument can be made. Whether it's true or not, probably can't be determined since it's all about preference.

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Merrill2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

I love Ni No Kuni, and the character models look great...BUUUT there are more than a fair amount of PS2 textures in this game, I'm just being honest. The game is pretty & colourful, but it is far from perfect.

I'm not dogging the game, I'm playing it on a 50 inch LED, it has blemishes, believe me.

If you're disagreeing you clearly haven't played it or you are just completely blind. Whatev, ignorance is bliss they say.

Ezz20132832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

"" I love Ni No Kuni, and the character models look great...BUUUT there are more than a fair amount of PS2 textures in this game, I'm just being honest. The game is pretty & colourful, but it is far from perfect. ""

are you sure you are talking about Ni NO Kuni here

because i thought you are talking about the " Monolith Soft" game
which indeed have ps2 textuers and lot's of them plus pop in every where

Godmars2902832d ago

What do you mean by *this* game?

Xenoblade 2 looks like its adding Monster Hunter and Dragon's Dogma Elements along with hit detection and limb removal. Ni No Kuni's mostly just offering an overworld, something that hasn't been done this but should have been.

That game looks good, great, but its not really doing anything that hasn't been done in prior console cycles. "This" game, Xenoblade 2, looks like it does.

The only way it could be better would be to have factions of enemies you interact and effect by dialog or other actions. Change the course of the story.

Sephiroushin2832d ago

Bad config there or your TV is just a cheap 50 inch LED really!

I'm currently re-playing it on a 65 inch TV and it textures do not look anything close to PS2, I wish my PS2 games textures would look half of that!

TheGrimReaper2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )


Well, I don't think it's fair to judge "X" right now. I mean this is the first footage we have seen. When the development cycle gets in the final stages they will optimize it. How much? I don't know! But they will.
This game may be the reason I'll buy a Wii U before the next Zelda is released (no, Wind Waker doesn't count :P).
It all depends on the release date of "X".
If it releases near the other next-gen consoles, I might wait for Zelda until I'll buy a Wii U.

Oh_Yeah2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

@Ezzz2013,yeah the game doesn't look as great as say skyrim running off a 70$ graphics card.. But it's good enough for what it is.. Still might have to take in account the scale of the game. They may have went huuuge, the bigger it is the more the graphics will have to be toned down..Still its a massive open world game in hd that doesn't look bad. The game play is what counts here.

jetlian2832d ago

xeno did have low polygons on the water and most games running open worlds have flat grass. Speed of movement was fast given the world

NastyLeftHook02832d ago

i have a 50 inch led also.

And Ni No Kuni is the best jrpg ever made.

WetN00dle692828d ago

Ni No Kuni looks good for a cartoon looking game.
Im sorry man But Xenoblade 2 looks freaking amazing! There is no way Ni No Kuni looks better than Xenoblade 2. NO WAY!

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mamotte2832d ago

Right. Now compare Wind Waker with Uncharted. And FIFA with COD.