Nintendo Plans E3 Early in a New Nintendo Direct

The big N has released some big information about what is going to be available at E3 this year. Look for big entries in well known franchises coming soon.

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Irishguy953002d ago

It's not leaking if it comes from Nintendo

mcbrid553002d ago

Your not leaking if it comes from Nintendo

Axonometri3002d ago

i think someone is leaking something...

ThatGuy23002d ago (Edited 3002d ago ) confused :|

Root3002d ago

I don't really understand the Yoshi game, it's like Kirbys epic yarn, did the run out of ideas or something

Don't get me wrong but why use the same style as your last game when it's a completely different franchise.

PopRocks3593002d ago

I think it's their way of trying something different with an older franchise. Kirby games play differently from Yoshi games, so the art style, while similar, does not necessarily suggest that the two games will be one in the same.

Axonometri3002d ago

intentionally speaking about future plans is now a leak?

animegamingnerd3001d ago

i want to play X/xneoblade 2 so badly

EddieNX 3001d ago

3D mario , Mario Kart and Smash bros Unveiled at E3. to add to that Bayonetta 2 gameplay , Monolith softfs game , Retro studios Game , Windwaker Reborn , Shin megami x Fire emblem , and lots of other stuff we don't know yet.

And the 3DS will probably have a nuclear e3 aswell. It's gunna be Nintendo's best ever e3.

But 3D mario , Mario kart and Smash bros are just crappy rehashes right guys ?

Mario galaxy 1 and 2 - 2 of the best games ever 10M each in sales
Mario Kart wii - Mario kart is awesome you can spend a hundred hours online easily - 36M sold
SMash bros - Smash bros brawl is the highest selling fighting game ever and probably the best aswell.

Yeah , I think we can safely say that a 3D mario , Mario kart and Smash bros in HD on Wiiu is extremely exciting.