Has the PlayStation Vita Failed?

Japan might still be excited about Sony's handheld, but as the first-year anniversary of the system's Western launch nears, software is looking dismal.

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majiebeast2837d ago

Been awhile since we had 1 of these...

TheLiztress2837d ago

I like to think that the Vita is just a late bloomer; that its library is going to rival that of the 3DS. Right now though, it's not looking good. But the Vita still has a chance to do well.

rrquinta2837d ago

I hope so. I really love the Vita, and I want it to succeed. I also want more great games to play on it!!

TheLiztress2837d ago

Same here. I mean, the Vita can offer a different experience than the 3DS. And I'm not saying one is better than the other. But rather, both are great in their own way.

I just want more from Sony when it comes to the Vita library.

FriedGoat2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

The vita library is equal to if not surpasses the 3DS library and it is not even a year old.

I have had both since launch. The 3DS had next to nothing for a year, and then Nintendo rushed out a bunch of mario games to make sales. Sounds familiar to what they've announced for the WiiU today actually, excluding the Zelda, but they do have an HD remake in there too, very familiar.

UltraVegito2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

Same,the Potential for this system is so Vast.

I hope sony manages to snag in more IP's like soul sacrifice and Gravity rush.
Sony needs to realize they have a amazing system and what it needs are it's own games.

The Vita is far from a failure in my eyes,and far too early to deem a failure from others just yet.

mandf2837d ago

More doom and gloom Attention n4g this type of crap hurts n4g not help it

rrquinta2837d ago

Did you even read the article? I point out the facts and how I HOPE things will change, but right now it just doesn't look good for the system.

mandf2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

Don't write an article if you don't want a conversation. You headline is complete fanboy drivel. You are not helping this industry. The points you make and defend are how you see it. The 3ds and 360 were in the exact same spot the first year but no one wrote about that. We have had at least a 100 articles about the same exact thing about the vita. Don't you think it's getting old. Stop writing sensational titles and you will get better response from the gaming community until then it's still a crap fanboy article for hits. Learn from this.

Every new console release has the same issues. It's just some websites like to magnify or gloss over problems as they see fit.

PinkFunk2837d ago


Besides your awesome domain name "", the title you chose for your article is sort of aiming for that sensationalist crap we're trying to avoid, especially considering the subject of the article.

Now, the fact that you post a comment reply only 3 minutes after mandf defending your article seems to me to indicate that you're awfully aware of the 'feedback' you'll be getting from N4G.

And if you spent any time on this website, you'd know without a doubt that a title to an article like this is considered poor sensationalism. In other words, we've seen this sort of article before, with different pros & cons.

So um, I did read your opinion piece (despite really wanting to avoid it). It was OK. IMO, considering this has been a hot topic and we've seen 100+ articles just like this one, if you wanted to set yourself apart, you might consider doing a full analysis of the subject, rather than a comparison about exclusives.

But w/e. Your title doesn't suggest this "hope" you're talking about; it's not original, and its main purpose (whether you know it or not) is to fish for hits.

edit: Nevermind on the, don't know why it appears as that.

rrquinta2836d ago

I'm sorry you guys feel that way. Honestly, I love the Vita and have been disappointed that we don't have ANY games to look forward to on the system. The 3DS, which had a slow start, at least had games you knew were coming at some point in the future. I'm hopeful that E3 will change this with some big announcements, but right now, Vita owners don't have much to look forward to.

Good_Guy_Jamal2836d ago

"The 3ds and 360 were in the exact same spot the first year but no one
wrote about that"
Are you for real? I mean are you kidding right now? I mean what rock were you under when 3DS was being torn a new one everyday about its low sales which weren't even as bad as the VITA's?
I'd understand if you'd just said 360 cause who remembers 7 years ago but 3DS?? Come on now.

joeorc2836d ago

"Did you even read the article? I point out the facts and how I HOPE things will change, but right now it just doesn't look good for the system."

you point out the 3DS get's all these games but , the problem is the PSVita's development resources take longer to make games due to the fact the development of asset's are far greater for the PSVita than it is for the Nintendo 3DS. Could games be churned out faster, you bet just look at Playstation Mobile. but that is the thing Many of the games being made for the PSVita that are in development for the system are in fact lager development times required more resources made for games.

Take a look at Tearaway, KILLZONE for the PSVita look at any 3DS game and none sofar are anywhere near that budget or resources. Or time required to make such software.

Its not the same type of Handheld , the 3DS was not made for the market of Your Handheld combined with the smartphone and tablet market. the PSVita is. the longer this goes on the less and less the 3DS will be able to take advantage of that unified platform. The 3DS is arm 11's with 128 MB of system Ram a Pica 200 WITH 6 MB of dedicated video ram. GREAT FOR NOW BUT IN THE NEXT 2 YEAR'S YOU AND I BOTH KNOW NINTENDO WILL PUT OUT YET ANOTHER HANDHELD.

WHILE THE PSVita IS A QUAD CORE cortex A9 with 512 MB of system Ram, and a Quad Core SGX GPU with 128 MB of dedicated Graphic ram. even 2 years from Now PSVita will still be viable for development in parity with the higher spec's smartphones and TaBLETS. The 3DS not so much!

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dwightmccarthy2837d ago

I don't think it's failed as a handheld console but Sony failed to take advantage of its big start at launch. And i think they could do more to compete with mobile games by having more of those type of games on the PSN with trophy support and other online features

landog2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

i have not bought one yet, but it is getting more tempting, ragnarok looks good, soul sacrifice too

it just needs a few more rpg's to keep me busy, then i will grab one up. already own persona 4 and disgaea,

don't want ports, want NEW rpgs, throw in some srpgs and something like advance wars, plus we need some true hack and slash dungeon crawls, not a terrible port of a terrible port of a game that was on iphone first (dungeon hunter was NEVER a good game on ps3, iphone, or vita)

Ult iMate2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

Dungeon Hunter Alliance is not a port of any other game. It's a different game made specifically for consoles. It's a rather decent game with better design & gameplay than of mobile versions. But still not worth $40 though.

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