Sony opens PS3 to in-game Ads

In-game advertisements, like the ones often seen in EA games, could soon become far more commonplace as Sony opens up its in-game advertising platform on PlayStation 3.

The move will allow major game advertisement companies IGA, Double Fusion and AdScape to sell 'dynamic' advertisements to go into games on the PS3, who will compete to strike deals with major publishers EA, Activision and Ubisoft.

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Joey Gladstone3888d ago

In game advertising is such a bad thing on billboards in the backround of games like Burnout, or GTA, or any other open world game, as the advertising adds to the realism.....But I would hate to see Solid Snake drinking a Pepsi for Health, or Kratos holding up a "Trojan" Brand Condom before handling the Maidens in the mini-game lol....
....."The JOEY has Spoken"

heroman7113888d ago

kratos and the trojan brand condom lol nice

Tempist3888d ago

Damn... Why the hell would want to do this?

I swear if I see a Mountain Dew or Cheetos ad, I'm going to flip.

On the upside, perhaps I can somehow sell ad space on my PS3 case.

pricklypete3888d ago

I'm actually surprised that sony hasn't done this earlier. I mean without paying for the upkeep of online. They need these ads.

It's not the worst thing in the world. however, i'll be disapointed if it becomes one sided.

Also advertising is a very complicated thing. What I would be worried about is say they choose to advertise pepsi, then turns out one of the developers only work with coke, and sony can't back out of Pepsi (i couldn't think of any other ad right now, but you get the idea (replace Pepsi with something actually related to gaming)

Caliber3888d ago

Depending of game and how this is executed, realistic billboards in the background might even make the game better. Like sport games, or games where you're in a city..

The "nightmare scenario" is if they start putting "banners" in games. Or developers avoiding making games that can't blend in ads, like God of War for example..

Tempist3888d ago

@pricklypete ; no it's not necessary. If you can't organize a business model that will for the most part pay for itself without having to go to third parties (ie product placement advertising), then you're running a pretty poor business model.

I don't want to see a precedent for an expansion of advertising or future justification for more. I don't want to see it. The GTA series always had fake ads which where funny and spawned real life counter parts. The Simpsons made fun of EA's in game ads in their game.

I don't want to play a game chalk-full of obtrusive real life products I know I'm not going to buy or use.

Here's what could eventually happen if in-game ads continues; Picture an RPG of any sort semi-related to real life. You play for a while, there's ads and such, but oh no! The best items in the game come from the '+20 Buffalo jeans of protection', or you need the 'Louie Vuitton bag of holding'. Once advertisers get their foot in the door, it's pretty much over. And it will affect game development when how a gamer sees an ad takes priority over how a gamer plays a game.

qohelet3888d ago

what is pissing me of is that :

-we'll keep paying "next gen prices" for shorter/sh**ttier games...
-the ads don't finance anything, the advertisements campaigns are actually built in the costs of everything we buy, so we basically pay to be flooded with ads...yay

now i'll seriously think about modding my consoles...

ravinash3888d ago

It all depends on how much of your viewing time their going to try and take up.
Something in the back ground in the open area of Home I'd be fine with. But if they try shoving a short film ad like the ones you get at the start of some game site clips and I'll start to get pissed off.
Trick is, don't go cutting into my game time with this, as I play games to escape the real world and don't need these ads creeping in to my escape.

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Cop_Boy3888d ago

this has to do somethin with home ?? it looks like its closer than we think :)

Proxy3888d ago

If we presure game reviewers into giveing games lower scores for intrusive ads (tasteful ads are fine), we can persuade devs to avoid them. They'd think twice about a startup ad if they knew there 8.5 game would receive a 6.0 because of the startup ad.

I would at least hope reviewers will mention in their reviews any intrusive ads.

xc7x3888d ago

so it's expected,it's the normal way of life. people who complain might as well go live on the moon.

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