Initial D Coming To PS3?

Akayuki writes:

"SEGA's Initial D games have appeared in arcades and on every single Sony console so far, including the PlayStation 1, PlayStation 2 and PlayStation portable.

Now Play-Asia has listed a title called Initial D: Extreme Stage for the Playstation 3."

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xsteinbachx3890d ago

i think i need to change several pairs of my pants before i get over this.

Sieg3890d ago

this is some what stupid. GT5 is gonna dominate any other racing game on ps3 and Intial D is good when u have the arcade machine

DFresh3890d ago

I remember that game in the arcade it's awesome don't know how it'll compete w/ GT5 but it's cool still a fun racing game to own and play.
PS3 FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!