Haze dated with a new Video

In an early morning announcement, Ubisoft said today that the much-anticipated title will arrive in just four months with a Mature rating.

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Regret3940d ago

This game is long on my pre-oreder list. I have full faith in devs ;)

Hydrollex3940d ago

play GTA 4 for another 2 months and then buy Haze. However GTA will last me at least 6 months

Ethridge3940d ago

It will be delayed....again...

Homicide3940d ago

It better not get delayed again. I'm getting sick of it.

BeaArthur3940d ago

hahaha, it wouldn't shock me if it was delayed again but hopefully this will be the actual release date but this is exactly why I don't get excited about games until about 2 weeks before the release.

SUP3R3940d ago

This is actually a TV ad letting the public know the game is coming in May, any further delays would mean extremely poor sales especially after you've notified the general public.

travelguy2k3940d ago

it will release the same time as MGS4....doesn't look good for HAZE to put it up against that monster.

Lifendz3940d ago

Great day for them. GTA will have been out for a month or so and R2 is still a ways off. That should be more than enough to make a decent shooter.

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pricklypete3940d ago

Is it just me or do the graphics seem better than the original footage?

Mattearl3940d ago

I agree with the poster above. They've had what... almost an extra 8 months to finish the game. I hope they used teh time wisely!

Shankle3940d ago

I'm sure it's using some of the original footage. The graphics have always been that good, but there are loads of videos in crap quality so people thought they must be bad.

Statix3940d ago

But the game looks largely the same as it did. And by that, I mean it still looks average.

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