Android PSP Emulator PPSSPP full Speed on Kindle Fire HD 8.9

Android PSP Emulator PPSSPP full Speed on Kindle Fire HD 8.9 hooked to 27" monitor
This is a pre 0.6 build of PPSSPP with JIT Dynarec on & it's running full speed on the Kindle Fire HD when playing Dragon Ball Evolution & maybe some more games but this is the only one tested & running at full speed so far.

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contradictory4057d ago

Dragon Ball evolution...
really? out of every psp game you can play Dragon Ball evolution???

that's like making emulator of SNES and only playing Shaq Fu...

Cloudberry4057d ago

Lol. XD

Could at least game like God of War games on PSP that show PSP's graphical prowess.

contradictory4057d ago

yeah, or Peace Walker.
or Crisis Core

MasFlowKiller4057d ago

I hope they get this running on the Ouya,
I want my Ouya to be Emulator Heaven.

Please Please please, get this on the ouya as soon as possible

Chrono4056d ago

I think the emulator doesn't support many games yet, this is one of the few games that work at the moment.

Soplox4056d ago

I rather buy a NVIDIA's Project SHIELD than a PSP

Bodachi4056d ago

So would I, but I don't have a solid gold house and a rocket car. So I can't afford it.

KrimsonKody4056d ago

Why could'nt they have showed Barbie's Dream Horse or something?
Nobody plays Dragonballs.


tachy0n4056d ago

rather play those games on the PSVita because the system upscales them :)

psp2roundup4054d ago

I hope that's a legitImate copy of Dragonball he's playing... ooops!


If Developers Won't Save Their Games, Emulators Will

TheGamer Writes "The only way to preserve gaming history is through emulation."

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banger88237d ago

How do you preserve a game that requires a persistent internet connection? Many future games will be online-only even for single-player. We'll only be able to stream games and you'll have to be connected at all times. That's the disgusting future of gaming.

blackblades237d ago (Edited 237d ago )

That's true, MK11 for example require there server and online for even single player content. Some people out there did make a server etc for some games on a emulator I think. Maybe one day they'll upgrade emulators to be online for todays way of gaming. Also for companies to not be like nintendo

Inverno236d ago

It's possible. Take a look at PlayStation Home, it was shut down years ago and now through PS3 emulation, and emulating PSN, they've brought it back online.

DickyD1226236d ago

That whole psn revamped project is amazing.

jznrpg236d ago

Many of those games aren’t worth saving to me.
I’m sure some will be but I try to stay away from anything online only. There are old online only games that are up and running for the ones that are worthy but some will die like they should.

cammers1995235d ago (Edited 235d ago )

That's like EA and Maxis how they lied and said SimCity 2013 required a server to play because it was too powerful for our PCs but then like a couple months later a hacker made a crack to play it offline and ea shut up about it and finally made an offline mode. 🤣

Persistent internet connection is DRM. Plain and simple.

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XiNatsuDragnel236d ago

Emulators are the future of gaming because console makers aren't going to do squat imo.

Christopher236d ago

Yeah, they totally aren't going to maintain BC support for past-generation games on current-generation consoles. I can say, definitively, that this is not happening at all.

XiNatsuDragnel236d ago

It's like I'm waiting for all nintendo console games on the switch 2 I understand licensing and stuff like that but they gotta make effort or ppl will do it for them.

mastershredder236d ago

ugh…unless they own their game outright, that save/preservation bs you are spewing (the flavor of the month club) is not on them.

neomahi236d ago

This is some sticky territory because I don't buy current gen consoles for games I played yesterday. I move on. Phil Spencer and Xbox design and make THE WORLDS MOST POWERFUL CONSOLE like they have Napoleonic Syndrome and then they want to use all that power to backward compatability and games that look like they should be on the PlayStation, that's why you want the worlds most powerful console? I buy new hardware for new gaming experiences and new games. I'm hearing a lot of current gen gamers (that are older) now talking that with the elimination of physical media for a more digital audience and not letting up on DLC, microtransactions, loot boxes, and season passes, we're smarter than all that and can mic drop and leave at any time. We don't want remasters and remakes. Sure, its fun to remember when we were kids and how much easier life was, it was a simpler time, but we don't want the same old experiences, thats what nostalgia is for, no, we want something new. We want new games that push hardware and promote innovation. Not the same experience repeated over and over. Pushing emulation is just going to force developers to have to remake games over and over because they'll get pirated otherwise and then they can't focus their energy and attention on new experiences and ideas to create nostalgia for the current generation of gamers either, they'll have nothing to look back on. And all the DLC, loot boxes, microtransactions, season passes have got to stop. Maybe its just like my parents use to see when the things they had disapeared and theres just never anything I'll be able to do about it, but there was a time when you bought a game and you got everything with it. Now, before the game goes gold, they dissect it, the game goes gold and then they sell you the rest of the game to pick your pocket for more money. You really think Capcom didn't think ahead with Street Fighter 6. That they thought that at some point they'd integrate Rashid and Akuma and 4 other characters into the game when they got around to it? IF you really think that then you don't deserve to play games, their Season Pass DLC characters are already done and sitting on a HDD waiting for someone to press the upload button, it's all done and has been done and SHOULD have shipped with Street Fighter 6, but because we've gone to GAMES AS A SERVICE business models, this is what we get. Street Fighter IV on the PS3, you played and unlocked additional characters, thats how it used to be, now Capcom wants to sell them too you, but the same is said for Dead or Alive, Guilty Gear, Blazeblue, Mortal Kombat. Theyre selling you games with content you should have already gotten, but they've picked it apart to sell you the rest later for more money, That's dispicable!

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Unlock the Nostalgia: The Ultimate Guide to Downloading Old PC Games

Are you feeling nostalgic for the good old days of gaming? Longing to relive the excitement and joy you experienced while playing those classic PC games from your childhood? If you landed on this site, you probably are. Luckily, we are here for you! In this guide, we will take you on a journey down memory lane and show you how to unlock the nostalgia by downloading and playing your favorite old PC games. Whether it's the iconic adventures of Commander Keen, the strategic battles of Age of Empires, or the addictive puzzles of Myst, we've got you covered. This article will walk you through finding reliable sources and playing those games on your computer, either a PC or a Mac. So, grab your virtual time machine, dust off your floppy disks, and embark on an unforgettable gaming experience that will transport you back to a simpler time. Let's unlock the nostalgia together!

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Nintendo Strikes Down Switch Homebrew Project and Android Emulator

Nintendo struck down the Lockpick homebrew project that many users note is, ironically, the only legal way to emulate Switch games. Meanwhile, Nintendo's actions have already scared the developers of Skyline, an Android Switch emulator, into shutting down development to avoid any potential legal issues. However, PC's Ryujinx isn't shutting down.

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Vits300d ago (Edited 300d ago )

That is a shame Skyline was being developed so fast that we already had many Switch games playable on phones. With a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 even BOTW was already running at almost fixed 30fps and the much weaker SD 840 was enough for the more light games— even Pokemon was running well on those.