The Dolphin Wii/GameCube emulator is coming to Steam this year

Dolphin is the premiere Wii and GameCube emulator, and it will soon be available on Steam, and it will support Steam Deck.

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Activemessiah474d ago

I can hear Nintendo's lawyers winding up lol

XxINFERNUSxX474d ago

Emulators are not illegal. If there were roms bundled together then yeah Nintendo would get involved.😁
But the rom collections are so easy to download, which in that case Nintendo is helpless, and we all win.

MadLad474d ago

They can't do a thing about emulators on a legal level.

Hell; I still run everything up to the GameCube/PS2 generation on my damn Series S lol.

XxINFERNUSxX474d ago (Edited 474d ago )

The Series S is really good for emulation. ETA Prime has a video on it if you ever see his channel. You know Nintendo has GameCube/DS/3DS games in their sights for us to pay all over again on their next console most likely. They are not fooling me twice 🤣

Number1TailzFan474d ago

What difference would a Steam release make? Even if Nintendo kicks up a fuss it won't matter as you can still get it elsewhere..

Terry_B474d ago

...more..many more people will know about it. Most people know nothing about emulation at all.

Amplitude474d ago

Steam controller config, play time tracking, community posts, automatic updates, remote play, play with friends, maybe cloud saves

SpacedDuck474d ago

I'm confused given this was pre loaded on my Steam Deck already lol.

Blashted474d ago

This is massive for emulation. A gamecube/wii emulator allowed on Steam that will natively support Steam client and Steam deck users. Imagine inviting your steam friends for online matches of Melee or Double Dash via Dolphin netplay. This is wild and I imagine Nintendo is raging intensely and plotting against Lord GabeN

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Bleach: Rebirth Of Souls Announced For PS4 and PS5

Bandai Namco has announced Bleach: Rebirth of Souls. The new fighting game based on Tite Kubo's multimedia franchise will be coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. The company provided no release date.

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Daeloki6d ago

Okay I'm excited to see a new Bleach game, but this trailer needed an epilepsy warning.

Redgrave6d ago

I hope that this covers more than Soul Society arc, because if they intend on saving later arcs for DLC.... I don't think this will make it long enough to see them all release.

Promising so far, but lots of potential for this to go wrong because of silly publisher choices

Rynxie5d ago

I believe it's a fighting game, not an adventure game like DBZ kakarot.

Redgrave5d ago

Even so, I don't want this to be the Budokai 1 / Ultimate Ninja Storm 1 of Bleach when there's so much more to include.

Bleach is seeing a resurgence with the TYBW anime but Bleach has always been in that weird place of popularity. I am hopeful, but am expecting disappointment.

Daeloki5d ago

It's Bandai, you can bet your ass it's exactly what they're intend on doing.


Xbox Remains The Controller Of Choice For Steam Users

As of June 2024, 59% of users are playing with an Xbox controller, 26% are on PlayStation controllers and 10% are using Steam Deck controls (aka Steam Decks). Again, it's not really surprising Microsoft's controller is out in front, as the tech giant has given it native support across Windows operating systems (the platform Steam is primarily used on).

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TheNamelessOne17d ago

I really like the series controller, but I'm still rocking the Steam controller for most titles. It's an interesting controller. Takes a bit of getting used to but, when you do, it just works so damn well for most games.

Cacabunga17d ago

Lol xbox finding comfort in this news

darthv7216d ago

I use one to, when my steam deck is docked. Pretty interesting design choices there.

When I play steam on my desktop... I use a wired 360 controller

BoneMagnus16d ago

The 360 controller is still my all-time favorite.