Can We Handle Permanency in Games?

The Weekend Gamer asks if the community is holding developers back from exploring permanency in games, sharing examples from the development of Fable 2. From the article:

"...But say you didn't have any free XP left. In that scenario, your enemies would come and beat on your character, and when they finally awoke, their appearance would be disfigured in some way. If you allowed this to happen often enough (or failed often enough), your character would become so disfigured that NPC's would begin to react to your unattractive appearance in different ways, possibly becoming less friendly, etc.

The focus testers hated it so much (save for those who went out of their way to disfigure their character), that at present that mechanic has been pulled from the game. Molynuex revealed that players were literally shutting off their consoles to force the system to reset.

So my questions to you is this? Do you like the idea of consequence in your games, or does the idea of permanency on your character and game world make you queasy?"

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3888d ago
Skerj3888d ago

Yes we're ready, we've been ready since the last Fable when that stuff DIDN'T happen. Damn those focus testers, damn them to heeeell.

Fux4Bux3888d ago

That's an awesome idea. Seriously please don't take that out. Just add a method of going to some healer or something that'll make you look better for a price. Just add more options and features to counteract ones people don't like instead of stripping stuff and dumbing down the game in general.

Cat3888d ago

Honestly, I'd like to try it, and I say "try" because I'm not completely sold. There's a certain level of un-realism I want from my games. Like walking away from a particularly brutal sword fight with only experience points, no scars. All that said, experiencing a game with this level of consequences would be fun, at least once.

SlyGuy3888d ago

Maybe its time to get more open minded focus testers.

IMHO we need more permanency in our videogames. Maybe even consider introducing it gradually.

But seriously, this would add a whole new level of realism that i would enjoy.

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