Contacts Go Bionic

A contact lens filled with electronics could give you night vision, zoom power, and gaming.

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niall773891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

but if you cant swing around and kill robot hitler with bionic contacts ill be dissapointed.

/bionic comando reffrence

Evildoomnerd3890d ago

If they can make a bionic arm, then Ill be interested. However thats pretty damn impressive technology they are creating.

GrimWarrior3891d ago

Technology is growing so fast it's scaring me!!

chasuk083891d ago

seriously, night vision, now thats just insane

Kakkoii3891d ago

Old story, I Posted this about a month or so back. Just not in video form.

Still a good story tho. Bionic eyes will be FTW in the future lol.

hunter213891d ago

yeah i read that one, lol yours are more lot of info, than this. thats a good post by the way

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