Totally360 reviews Conflict: Denied Ops

Conflict Denied Ops is the fifth game from the Conflict franchise and developed by Pivotal Games hits home on the next generation platforms. In Denied Ops you are in control of two CIA characters, namely Graves and Lang and are set deep behind enemy lines, kicking ass, all in the guise of saving the World.

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sak5003888d ago

Thats quite a generous score. Its meta is closer to the review i submitted by IGN 4/10. When will the devs learn that FMV and CGI will not sell games anymore cuz these consoles are capable of displaying much better graphics and gameplay then PS2 era.

jASSon 3603888d ago

I wish this would have been exclusive to me. 9/10 no doubt if that was the case. but whatever. 1up made it obvious that my version is the one to buy. Full point higher because you can read the lame text on the stupid guns in this game. 1up is the best site on the internet. definitely not one retard to be found there.

we all know how it works. I get the best versions of absolute donkey pile games. if it was a worth while title, the other system would have been equal, or most likely even better. oh well. at least this gives my legion more ammunition for having the best multiplatform games.