EA Buying the Next-Generation

With EA on the verge of buying Take-2, this article at Gameplayer examines how the industry giant has already been very busy ensuring they own most of the best game engines in the market.

"Over the last few months we've begun to see how this seemingly harmful chain of events has acted to finance the long-term objectives of the company as it strives to regain its crown as the dominant publisher."

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Papacharinonanadan4625d ago

We've seen what EA has done with Renderware... we can only assume that the rest of the engines they've bought will be kept in-house too.

SlappingOysters4625d ago

I think EA have been making some pretty cool looking games of late on thier own. SKATE was awesome, Army of Two and Dead Space looks pretty wicked too. I wonder why the sudden spending spree on engines?

I just hope they have learnt from lessons past and let these latest buys retain thier own identity. Not go all Bullfrog and Westwood on us

The Closing4625d ago

Skate was indeed the best thing to happen to sports games in a while, and Army of Two, and Dead Space both look extremely good.

Robearboy4625d ago

I think that E.A are going to buy up all of the smaller independant companies then agree some kind of merger with Microsoft so in essence, microsoft will be buying up the console division, what do people think? Rational thinking, or too much weed smoking?

PS360WII4625d ago

heh that might be too much smoking ;)

EA wouldn't need to merge with MS they could just go into the console world themselves without sharing the money with anyone.

bootsielon4625d ago


Nothing bad's gonna happen, quit crying if you're not gonna do anything to make this not happen.

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The story is too old to be commented.