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On Xbox 360 both the single-player & online game modes featured some of the most impressive visuals seen on the console, but on PS3 something went rather wrong. From the moment you set foot on the first snow-covered level the frame rate hits a major snag and it feels like you're walking in treacle. This sluggish frame rate continues throughout the game and it really hurts what is otherwise a visual treat.

At times during a few of the boss fights the game became barely playable, with the frame rate dropping to completely unacceptable levels. Environments look a little bland when you move indoors, but the snow covered landscape and more urban environments from later in the game look phenomenal, and the enemies and bosses look and move with a quality that would have only been possible in pre-rendered movies a few years ago.

Audio is also pretty hit and miss, with what can only be described as 'wooden' voice acting, but background music and sound effects are spot on, and the surround sound even helps you out now and again by pinpointing Akrid locations. The mandatory 10 minute installation before you can play the game is also a little disappointing. It didn't really bother me, but if you want to get straight into the game, you've been warned.

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rubarb233977d ago

another multi-plat game running and looking better on the xbox 360. i'm wondering what the sony hopeful will say this time "capcom is lazy too".

LinuxGuru3977d ago (Edited 3977d ago )

360 code translated to PS3 code = bad port.

That's a proven fact.

Ps3 code translated to 360 code = both high quality.

Capcom just didn't feel like investing the time to re-write their engine to use the PS3's streaming capability and SPUs properly.

They just dumped a large 4 or 5GB cache onto the HDD and most likely forced the game to run on the main Power PC core + 1 spu.

There's games on PS3 that are more demanding and that calculate far more at once than lost planet, and look and run far better. (Killzone 2, Uncharted, Gran Turismo 5, etc.)


I never spoke of Lair or Heavenly Sword.

Yeah, lair sucked, but heavenly sword most certainly did NOT.

Metacritic gave Heavenly Sword a score of 7.9, and a user score of 8.7 (325 votes) which is highly respectable.

P4KY B3977d ago

Lair, HS

Both LOOKED great.

LinuxGuru3977d ago

I've also taken notice that most if not all PS3 games receive a pretty high user score, in comparison to the critic score.

Also the PS3 version of COD 4 has a 9.2 user score, while the 360 version has an 8.4 user score. Both however have the same critic score (9.4)

chasegamez3977d ago

Lair or Heavenly Sword
looks greats on my
60" plasma and on my 50" lcd

P4KY B3977d ago (Edited 3977d ago )

A high user score on a few games just means that all the others are well below par.

COD4 on the 360 is better than the PS3 version because of Live and because I can listen to my favorite AC/DC tracks while racking up the kills. (shoot to thrill)

While GT5 KZ2 may become good games, until they are release all your doing is buying into the marketing hype.
*Fool me once (lair), shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me*

3977d ago
LinuxGuru3976d ago

So P4KY, you judge all future PS3 titles based upon Lair?

Aren't you the foolish one!

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titntin3977d ago

Oh dear. Crap game gets crap port.
Considering the time they've spent on it its hard to see how they mucked it up so completely..
Never mind. Having played it and not bothered finishing it on 360, its not a big problem for PS3 only owners to miss this one. I just hope that not too many people buy it and find out how gimped it is till after they've spent the cash!

CrazzyMan3977d ago

Just watch these 2 trailers:

The game looks impressive, more alive, more cgi-like + frame rate like being near 60 fps.

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