Tales of Vesperia for 360 Confirmed

In a Q&A with Namco Bandai's PR department, Famitsu has confirmed that the latest RPG in the "Tales of" series will be released for the Xbox 360. The game was announced last December at the Jump Festa event in Tokyo, and was at the time rumored to be for the Xbox 360. Now, we know it's a sure thing. With three previous "Tales of" games having been released on Sony platforms and one for the Gamecube, the Xbox 360 comes as a bit of a surprise.

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sonarus3890d ago

yawn...timed like every other 360 exclusive brought in for the Japanese audience

blacsheep3890d ago

not exclusive to 360 its confirmed for 360 alongside the ps3 version.

title reeks of desperation

LaChance3889d ago (Edited 3889d ago )

Sony fans are going to be pissed off and jealous again...
First MSFT steals GTA , then they steal 2008 ("sony's year") and now the American Xbox machine is getting all the JRPG's that the the sony fans thought they were going to get on the PS3.
As a HUGE RPG fan I was quite scared that I would never play AAA JRPg's as much as I did on my PS2 because the 360 is essentially a shooter console but now Im telling myself thank god I didnt pick the PS3.
Which JRPG would I have played till today ? Except for Enchartde Arms there isnt anything on the PS3. (dont come up with that Folklore crap lol ).
Ok , now putting the fanboyism aside it really looks like MSFT is simply trying harder than sony , I dont know what you guys think but come on HOW ON PLANET EARTH can the 360 have more JRPG's than the PS3 ?
I never would have imagined this.

Aozora3889d ago

The majority of JRPGs (and even Japanese games in general) on the 360 are paid exclusives. The horrible sales in Japan make it really unlikely for Japanese developers to put games on it without some incentive from MS. Also, the 360 has been out a year longer and most of the JRPGs didn't come until the second year. This is pretty typical for JRPGs on new systems. The PS2 had a really lacking JRPGs lineup its first year too. So I don't think it really makes sense
to compare current libraries when looking for a predictor of the future.
As for the PS3, it's pretty much a no-brainer that it will get major JRPGs like Final fantasy, Rogue Galaxy, Star Ocean, etc.

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GUNS N SWORDS3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

will that ever come to ps3?


so their will be some games that never make it to multiplat.

crck3890d ago

published by MS. Dur...

sonarus3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

lol actually i just meant the namco bandai ones actually. Sorry if reality hurts but thats just the way it is with namco bandai. They have a game msoft pays for it for a couple of months namco bandai proceeds to release it on ps3. Ninja gaiden 2 is published by msoft thats a different story besisdes thats team ninja not namco bandai. All the disagrees in the world wnt change it. Ace combat trusty bell they they are all coming for ps3. Thats just the way bandai namco rolls. Besides this article says nothing about the game being 360 exclusive. It just says confirmed for 360

mikeslemonade3890d ago

I like Whiteelite's poor attempt to save the 360 by posting a misleading title.

ceedubya93890d ago

The 360 doesn't need "saving." But yes the title is misleading. Exclusive or not, 360 owners should just be happy to have another JRPG for a console that is notoriously known for anything but.

Richdad3890d ago

I am 360 user and I already think there is enough good lineup for 2008 on 360, also one important thing is that audience on PS3 really loves JRPG's so they should get a port along with 360.

Also I hope this solds like LO, sales of Eteranl Soanta was dissapointing but Sakaguchi stirred the 360 market and made a place for JRPG with LO even when it was not his best game.
I am excited what would Sakaguchi give to 360 audience when he is in full form.

m91058263889d ago

It'll come out as Ninja Gaiden Delta in like 3 years. They'll just change up the story a bit and brand it as a different game to get around MSs b!tching. I could care less, but that seems to be the way that games are going this gen.

wow4u3889d ago


JRPGs on Xbox 360:
Blue Dragon
Lost Odyssey
Eternal Sonata

Last Remnant (SE's biggest 08 title)
Infinite Undiscovery (by triAce)
Tales of Vesperia (acclaimed series)

Fans of JRPGs are getting plenty of attention on Xbox 360. The Library has more depth and quality than any other, and 2008 isnt going to change that.

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Genki3890d ago

then it should kick a*s.

I will seriously buy a 360 for this game if it doesn't end up on the PS3. I'm still waiting on Trusty Bell.

Kain813890d ago

will come to PS3 for sure, with extra contend and expanded story

Genki3890d ago

May I ask how on earth you could possibly know this?

[email protected]3890d ago

Simple & Clean Genki. Eternal Sonata as a the huge example. Vesperia will comes to PS3 on Japan with additional stuff 4 sure with a great chance of a localization on the States for PS3 too. So there u are my friend also the producer of the game mentioned isn't? They're still thinking about the possibilities of a port for PS3 so there u goes our chance to play the game too.

ichimaru3889d ago

dude, they article said that it is a 360 exclusive. he said the possibiilty of other platforms could happen. but for now only the 360

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Farsendor13890d ago

ok im a ps3 owner thats only system i have and i think sony needs to kick it up into high gear or they going to lose all the momentum they have gained in last 4-6 months

sonarus3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

lol kick what into high gear. Because of this game you feel sony needs to kick it into high gear? lol get serious cus i know you are joking

mikeslemonade3890d ago

Microsoft dropped the ball because they could take advantage of Sony's lack of presence in GDC. All Microsoft said were things we basically new already. Sony didn't need to do anything because they're still riding blu-ray's domination.

DraconWolfX3889d ago

While Blu-Ray is awesome MikesLemonade I didn't buy my PS3 for Blu-Ray. I bought it to play games. I wish people would stop caring so much about a movie format and care more about their video games. I still would have bought my PS3 to go along my 360 even without Blu-Ray. Its a nice to have but it isn't essential.

RIPHDDVD3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

It's a timed exclusive. Confirmed. What's with the title of this article? Why did you change it to "360 exclusive" you moron? Trying to mislead people? When it comes out on PS3 it will sell more on PS3.

Off topic but the character design for this game is horrible.

wow4u3889d ago

HEhehh. "The character design in this game is horrible"?

*RIGHT* The design is good. Its more variety, compare it to Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey, Eternal Sonata and now this.

Thats VARIETY son. Dont like this design? Try one of the others.

Further, *did* you read the article?

"Yes, we have decided to release TOV overseas on the Xbox 360."

Asked if the game will be released only on the 360, "We've decided to release TOV on the Xbox 360, but regarding other platforms, we're looking at all possibilities."

So, it is "other" possibilities for "other" platforms.

And, that is from the CORRECT source (not f'ing kotaku);

You *might* be right (i'd imagine you are frankly) but your pseudo confidence is just desperate.

At this moment, the Game is CONFIRMED for Xbox 360. Oh, and for the non JRPG fans, this is a big-deal series with many fans and much respect.

So, this is just another title that confirms the Xbox 360 is the home of varied gameplay, and the best home for fans of JRPG titles.