Analyzing Soma Bringer: Language Barrier be Damned

An Oprainfall editor plays a Japanese only game trying to see if he can find context for a game in a language he can't understand.

Oprainfall writes: "Of all the genres in gaming, I would think the RPG would be the hardest of all to cope with in another language. But it’s also the one I’m the most familiar with. Role-playing games tend to follow certain tropes. There are themes I’m used to seeing in any given story and game mechanics I’ve encountered in hundreds of different games. While I knew the story’s breadth would be lost on me, since it’s written in a language I have zero experience with, I went into Soma Bringer thinking I could, perhaps, fumble my way to the credits somehow."

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Chrono3069d ago

Luckily there's a complete fan translation patch for this game.

-Gespenst-3069d ago

Excellent game.

And while it's an interesting experiment, just get the translation patch.

contradictory3069d ago

it's like Mother and Mother 3