Will the Vita Make A Comeback?

Some people say that the PS VITA is a product failure. I personally think that the PS VITA is not a product failure at all.

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KangarooSam3415d ago

It does NOT need a comeback. Hop off.

Blacktric3415d ago (Edited 3415d ago )

"It does NOT need a comeback."

So you are completely fine with the good game drought it's having since the day it was released? Good to know.

I, for one, would love to see it getting more support from developers and maybe seeing some vaporware being released for it exclusively (something like Shenmue 3 for instance), along with games that'd boost its sales numbers in both Japan and the west (Monster Hunter and GTA would be perfect). But it seems you are completely fine with the system getting barely any support whatsoever in comparison to what 3DS is getting. Stove away the fanboy attitude once, before denying something that'd be great for the system and the people who bought it.

KUV19773415d ago

I am with him in that it does not need a comeback. It certainly needs to gain momentum, but it is not as if it was once great then tumbled into oblivion and should now return to old strength. The situation is slowly (very very slowly) improving, but there hasn't been a place to which it could come 'back' to.

Y_51503415d ago

"So you are completely fine with the good game drought it's having since the day it was released?"

Compared to the 3DS, this drought is going to feel like nothing because I have a lot more games to play on my Vita than my 3DS.

Killzoner993415d ago

Thats right my brother HOP OFF and GTFO TROLLS. The Vita is doing fine and selling within expectations of Sony. The Vita is a top tier product like a Ferrari . You don't see everyone driving around in one because it is something SPECIAL that is not within everyones price range but if you work hard you could buy a Ferrari just like a Vita. Thats why the Playstation community is so tight just like Ferrari owners. If you owned a Vita you would understand THIS.

Blacktric3415d ago (Edited 3415d ago )

Being this delusional...

Unless you are trolling (which I sincerely hope you are), then this is really, really, really sad.

Not one Vita game in sight on top 20 list. So please, stop being this apologetic and delusional for the sake of defending a product you obviously like. There is nothing wrong with admitting how bad Vita is doing in comparison to other consoles like 3DS, which is bad for both the company and the consumer at the end, if you don't hope for it to sell better.

KING853415d ago

The Vita is great and I'm sure it will start to pick up steam once more games start coming out down the line.
@ Killzoner99
The Vita is by no means selling within Sony's expectations as Kaz Hirai has boldly and quite frankly humbly admitted to that. I think my purchase of my Vita has been worthwhile as I got an Assassin's Creed bundle for $179 on Black Friday. What I find strange is that they're fans who blindly say that the system is selling within Sony's expectations when it's already been noted by said executive that it hasn't been. Lets not live in denial people.

ToZanarkand863415d ago

has anyone tried the remove play with Shadow of the Colossus?
its freaking awesome! but makes my hands ache haha

G20WLY3415d ago

You should consider the Nyko grip add on, I love mine.

It doubles the battery life and makes the machine more comfortable, especially if you have big hands with sausage fingers, like I do! lol

ToZanarkand863415d ago

has anyone tried the remote play with Shadow of the Colossus?
its freaking awesome! but makes my hands ache haha

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chestnut11223415d ago (Edited 3415d ago )

It would definitely will.,

These are the words that will explain it all.,

Destination Playstation
Sony's E3
CEO's Oath that SONY will make a comeback
Games like Killzone and Soul Sacrifice, Etc.
Rumored games like FF 10 HD and Monster Hunter.

SuperSonic2663415d ago (Edited 3415d ago )

vita will outsell the iphone 4 this year

stage883415d ago

Of course it will.

Remember when the PS3 was released and it had all this doom and gloom. Well now it's the Vita's turn. It's just the way Sony products go. Give it a year or two and everyone will be singing its praises.

GusBricker3415d ago

What games are coming out for it?

Nawert3415d ago

What genre would you like me to start in?

gamingmaster20133415d ago

soul sacrifice, tearaway, killzone mercenaries, phantasy star online 2, god eater 2, dead or alive 5 plus, ninja gaiden sigma 2 and many more great games.

GusBricker3415d ago

Thanks, gamingmaster and iamnsuperman.

Kingthrash3603415d ago (Edited 3415d ago )

MLB the show, madden,FIFA in case you like sports
Nba 2k hopefully .
If you want any indication if the vita will have games, go look at the psp's library. It was being out sold by the ds but still had tons of support. I cant see why the cita wouldn't. The vita will be fine, its for grown ups tho. I think parents are more comfortable buying a cheaper kid friendly handheld or console that Nintendo provides... I mean cats and dogs? Pokemon? Mario is for all ages but very kid friendly. Kids sell everything from clothes to movies to music to games. Nintendo is a step behind in hardware the wii was like a ps2/Xbox the wiiU like ps3/360 but do kids care? Nope, they want nintendogs or Kirby. That's not to say that they don't provide for the adult crowd but kids are their primary consumer. But the other company's are for people who care how the game looks and plays and can comprehend a story as deep as persona4 or uncharted. Look at Pokemon, an RPG what's its story? Not much just one sentence "gotta catch them all" nothing complicated. Simple sells especially to kids. The vita needs no comeback how can it, I was never the top selling console. All it needs is momentum. Sales wise it will never catch the 3ds. It will however have better games more Variety (the 3ds has no real sports games) appealing the the mature gamers needs. My vita needs to be charged, my ds needs to be dusted...again.

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