Mad Dog McCree PSN Trailer

Mad Dog McCree is coming to PSN this Tuesday, January 22nd. Remastered from the ground up and with PlayStation Move support!

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topgun332126d ago

Can you use the regular dualshock as well?

Godchild10202125d ago

"The port includes remastered footage, PlayStation Move compatibility and support for up to four simultaneous players."

I think you can use the Dualshock, I'm sure we will get a confirmation when the store updates on Tuesday, if not just read the description before purchasing.

fei-hung2125d ago

Don't think do as the demo doesn't let you, but here is to hoping Point Blank gets a HD release!

SuperSonic2662125d ago

another surperior exclusive on PSN

LackTrue4K2125d ago

this is one of there free games of the month, for plus members right?!

Gameatholon2125d ago

Topgun, I tried to use my DS3 when I downloaded the demo. It wouldn't work. Seems to be that it only works with the motion control wand.

mikemadden2125d ago

GOTY! I loved this game as a kid. Im buying this day one.

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