Stop Talking Down to Gamers with Generic Trailers

Last week, the Cyberpunk 2077 teaser trailer came out with a reasonably good reception. It depicted a scantily clad young woman in what seems to be a red light district, who has gone insane from her synthetic use. Police are firing their guns in slow motions, and a cool looking mysterious policeman comes in for the kill on the young woman. Then cut to the young woman now being a part of the police squad. This trailer had it all. Sexiness, violence, bedazzling surroundings, and a badass looking dude to save the day. However I had a different opinion although this does not mean this is the opinion of Capsule Computers as a whole.

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discordman2556d ago

This is just how it is these days, trailers gonna trail.

ManDemon2556d ago

Almost the same could be said about teaser trailers for movies. Did it catch your eye? Are you talking about it? They won.

2556d ago
ScubbaSteve2556d ago

It did catch my eye, but it did so back at e3 when it was just some guy from CDPR saying they were making a cyberpunk game. To be fair tho, Michal Platkow-Gilewski is pretty darn smexy.

Seriously tho, that trailer seemed to be more of a throw back to the 5th element than any planned sexism.

militissanctus2556d ago

Definitely striking. The blades coming out of the arms - it was borderline disturbing.

showtimefolks2556d ago

i just wish that more of them actually talk about how the game is gonna be like and don't play with our emotions. Look at Dead Island trailer it shows the concept of what happens when shit gets real but when you are playing the game its just a generic story no emotions what so ever

the first gears of war had a awesome trailer with song mad world but the game was no emotional roller coaster yet it was another TPS with macho man big muscles story of how i am gonna blow your head off and set shit on fire

and some of these trailers are not cheap, it could cost millions to make a great trailer

iWishTifaWasReal2556d ago

i remember when the trailer for Dead Island first came out, people were going crazy about it. but when the game came out, it wasn't that great and got average reviews.

It really was just the soundtrack of the trailer that made trailer epic.

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ZacE2556d ago

Loved the trailer. She was made female just because its a more striking and effectual image.

AznGaara2555d ago

Exactly, how would the trailer be received if it was a half naked male with cybernetic claws coming from his arms instead of a female? People would probably go "oh another Deus Ex game."

Its not all about the breast, heck they're pretty covered up. You have to look at this from a logical and artistic view too. Why is the woman so exposed? So the viewer can see the bullets hitting skin and not hurting her. Why is the woman wearing such tight white clothing? Maybe it was to better contrast the dark blood within a night scene. etc. etc.

koga882556d ago (Edited 2556d ago )

I didn't see anything wrong with the Cyberpunk trailer. It was as that ZacE guy said, striking and posed a better image than a boring generic guy getting shot up. Along those same lines I didn't have an issue with Hitman: Absolution's nun trailer either. People are getting way to PC nowadays.

It's not like she's stripping or posing or anything. She's sitting in a red-light district, probably living/working there due to her cybernetic implant addiction, after going on an insane murder spree from having too many cybernetic implants and losing her mind. Would it have been better if it was a female cop shooting at her?

anime_swag_pro2556d ago

No. It wouldn't. Authoritarian policemen shooting people in the back of the head is kind of a hot topic to even put in there. At least in the united states right now, where cops do in fact shoot people with little restraint.

Point being not the gender politics that everyone seems to have read too much into, but rather the quality of the trailers we are given. They have no context to the game when you see what they are really about. it's just a way to get the lowest form of gamer to buy it while the rest of us actually look for content.

Yes. the trailer did look cool. I did recognize that. And no one seems to realize that i'm point out that the trailer looked cool, but didn't show what the game was or the quality of the game.

CrzyFooL2556d ago

This article gave me a migraine. OW.

-Falaut-2556d ago

I've been gaming for 24 years, and that is one of the best trailers I've seen. Plus, I'm usually one to see through PR/Marketing bullshit.

This is just a good trailer, get off your high horse.

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The story is too old to be commented.