Disney Exec John Lasseter Details Infinity Gaming Platform

Oscar-winning director John Lasseter is one of the most influential men in Hollywood today. He currently wears multiple hats, including Chief Creative Officer at Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios and Principal Creative Advisor for Walt Disney Imagineering. So when he sees video games as an important part of the future of Disney, that’s a big deal. Lasseter talks about the new Disney Infinity cross-platform game platform in this exclusive video interview below.

miyamoto4061d ago

PIXAR baby!

RIP Steve Jobs

hazardman4061d ago

This DisneyInfinty is crazy man there is going to be endless possiblities with this platform. I know Skylanders in cool, but Disney has awesome characters. To think you can watch a Pixar/Disney film and they can some incorparate some of the story in the game its cool.


Disney Infinity Deserves to be Revisited

The toys-to-life genre has died out, but the concept of Disney Infinity should live on in another genre since it provides a wild crossover for fans.

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micdagoat19512d ago

I still have the complete collection. would be cool for a new game


Avalanche Studios Co-Founder Reveals Canceled Iron Man Game Was in Development for Two Years

Avalanche Studios co-founder has revealed new information about the canceled Iron Man game that was in development for two years.

RaidenBlack562d ago

Damn ... now that he mentioned it, Avalanche would've done an interesting job with an Iron-Man open world project.

neutralgamer1992561d ago

Yes but the story would have sucked because none of their games have even a decent story and their games always have performance issues

MadLad561d ago

They don't have the best writers, but they know how to make an enjoyable and engaging open world game.

They feel a lot like Obsidian back in the day. Great developer that's always scraping by and constantly getting screwed by publishers.

mkis007561d ago

Well the most enjoyable part of just cause for me was the jet suit in 3. Played exclusively with it.

ApocalypseShadow561d ago

Stuff like this just happens. This game was cancelled, there was a Superman game that was cancelled, Justice League, Flash game, 2 Batman games, Avengers game, Daredevil game, Spider-Man 4, Marvel Universe Online, etc etc.

I don't doubt that there will be more in the future cancelled. And more future super hero games released that will be great.

560d ago
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Avalanche Studios co-founders establish new studio Elemental Games

From Gematsu: "Elemental Games, a Stockholm-based studio formed in August 2021 by founding members of Avalanche Studios including co-founders Linus and Viktor Blomberg, has officially announced its establishment.

The studio, which is privately held, has a mission to create “high-quality open-world experiences from a creatively and financially independent position.” Its first title, an original intellectual property, is currently in development."

MadLad717d ago

We'll see what comes from this.

Always considered them a middle of the road developer.
Avalanche always made fun games, just nothing truly impressive.

neutralgamer1992717d ago

I agree they are the definition of 7.5-8/10. And their post launch support in the past has sucked when it comes to patches needed to fix known issues

717d ago