The Astronauts dev: "Gamers are the ultimate trolls"

The Astronauts and ex-People Can Fly developer, Adrian Chmielarz, says that the problem of high budget cost in games is not the fault of the publishers or developers, it's the gamers fault.

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StockpileTom2556d ago

What!? So my desire for a non-linear not-on-rails shooter is because I am a troll? Damn I thought I was just wanting to play a good game that allows me to take the lead of my fireteam and approach the mission as I see fit.

With devs like this out there it's no wonder why this industry is lacking creativity... and why franchises like SOCOM are getting killed off...

ScubbaSteve2556d ago

Developers and Publishers sure have seen fit to insult the people keeping them in business lately. Gamers are awesome, look at kickstarter half that stuff is a scam and we still give them money in hopes of getting a good game.

ziggurcat2556d ago

"Developers and Publishers sure have seen fit to insult the people keeping them in business lately"

because the people keeping them in business have proven themselves to be a bunch of spoiled, whiny crybabies that moan, and utter death threats over every little thing they don't like.

ScubbaSteve2556d ago

Customers have always complained, will always complain, and have the right to complain. They're spending their money on the product. This doesn't mean companies listen to everything they say or cater to every individual. But, in business you don't go around insulting the people keeping you in business.

For some reason, since gaming is largely entertainment, people overlook their consumer right. You buy a shitty blender you can take the blender back. You buy a shitty digital game you're out of luck. How about used games? I don't have to buy an online pass to use the blender I bought at a garage sale. What about all those EULAs where companies secretly have you sign away your rights to litigation.

Digital distribution is still relatively new to the industry and you'd be a fool to not voice your opinion on the subject. Months ago you couldn't log onto this site without seeing an article about gamers being entitled, but here's the thing as a consumer you are entitled to certain things.

In my opinion you're probably just jaded and read too many forums. The vast majority of people aren't sending out death threats, but every teenager with a net connection will tell you how to improve the next CoD iteration.

zerocrossing2556d ago (Edited 2556d ago )

Actually you're right

(I've Posted my previous comment for the purpose of discussing the subject below)

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Mutant-Spud2556d ago (Edited 2556d ago )

I'll be interested to see how badly they mangle the next Brothers In Arms game, apparently it's going to be "edgy", which is shorthand for dumbed down gameplay,gratuitous violence, profanity and general Hollywood style degeneracy.

The article is actually funny because when you set up entertainment in real life you have to spend most of your time pre empting patron's vandalism and general stupidity.
At one point in my career I was involved in building museum exhibits and organising school tour groups, no joke, little 12 year old kids would turn up with Leatherman multitools and hex keys in their pockets and start unscrewing the cases or cutting bits out of the carpet, every day you'd find some new and bizarre way in which someone had tried to mess with your work.

tehpees32556d ago

The picture is definitely fitting.

BanBrother2556d ago (Edited 2556d ago )

The article makes perfect sense, I suggest reading it as it has some good points.

The guy who calls gamers trolls, also includes himself in that. He isn't using the term 'troll' in the typical negative way, but just pointing out that us gamers (himself included) are always testing a games boundaries, which forces developers to basically work harder to implement measures.

The title might imply us gamers are being ridiculed by some ass, but that is not the case. Regardless, as is typical, people will not read the article and post some pretty stupid s***.

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