EA and Ubisoft?

Gamercyte writes:

"Riccitiello makes it clear that they originally wanted to conduct this negotiation in private but that Take-Two's response compelled them to go public. It is certainly possible that EA may have entered into private negotiations with other studios. We at GameCyte did some digging and noticed something curious. If you look at the WhoIs information for, you see the following listing:"

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Lelouch V Brit3889d ago

Wow, EA is trying to buy Take-two and ubisoft.

Rattles3889d ago

come one everyone wave good bye to gaming as we know it.

bye bye

OC Shock Value3889d ago

EA is going to take over the gaming world.. Then create theyre own console with everyones games on it.. Gaming is officially doomed.. maybe i can play basketball again or somethin

Farsendor13889d ago

hope not darn lets just hope they dont make their own system

DarkArcani3889d ago

EA was a man. That way I can show my true appreciation for EAman and kick EAman in the nuts with a steel-toe on.

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The story is too old to be commented.