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JarqueMcLark2126d ago

How the hell is FF VII only at number 22?

mcccann2126d ago

Because the readers preferred 21 other games?

Torillian2126d ago

They had to make room for RPGs like Earthbound, which I'm so happy to see above below 20 on a list like this.

trunkswd2126d ago

I don't agree 100%. Halo isn't even on the list. However I don't think anyone will ever agree 100% with any top 100 list.

This top 100 is voted by the users of the site.

Jakens2126d ago

I am inclined to agree with the top 14 games. However none of my personal top ten made the list.

Note that 21 of those games are from 2009 and newer. 79 games are not.

Jakens2126d ago

Too bad the developers of these games don't have the funds (or time) to remaster each one in HD glory (with current tech).

I missed way to many and that make me sad at night...