DayZ creator is angry at War Z

Original-Gamer.com: "Dean "Rocket" Hall did a AMA(Ask Me Anything) on Reddit to discuss the upcoming DayZ standalone. Along with answering questions about some of the new gameplay changes that will be included with the game, one person discussed his past comments on War Z. Hall did not pull any punches on why he's angry at the game."

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Muffins12234053d ago

this person has no right to insult a developer after what he has done...

SilentNegotiator4052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )

Perhaps there's a chance that Muffin's comment was intentional brilliance, showing exactly what the problem is. lol

Kevin ButIer4052d ago

not sure if brilliant...

or just trolling

Riderz13374053d ago (Edited 4053d ago )

What has he done? Give out a free mod to players so that they can enjoy it? Really bro?

MeatAbstract4053d ago

I'll never forgive him for creating a great free mod that is enjoyed by millions of people. That selfish SOB. What RIGHT does he have to criticize unethical developers that made a rush job of a game and lied to their consumers about things in the game. What right does he have!?

jimbobwahey4053d ago

Muffins1223, I think you might be confusing this guy with the guy behind War Z.

Red_Orange_Juice4052d ago

and thats why DayZ devs should be angry!

Tr10wn4053d ago (Edited 4053d ago )

DayZ Dean "Rocket" Hall the one who started it all.

WarZ Sergey "Greedy" Titov the one who try to scam all.

"I am angry about the WarZ. I'm very angry. I'm quite hurt personally because anyone can see how similar the words are, and while the average gamer knows the difference individual people don't.

Dean Hall, DayZ Creator"

gamernova4053d ago

Muffins got it mixed up guys. Don't hang him now.

cooksauce4053d ago

he's done great things for the community, unlike warz

animegamingnerd4053d ago

a war z fanboy kill it like the rest

Nicaragua4053d ago

The fact that this guy has DayZ and WarZ mixed up perfectly emphasises the point the DayZ developer makes in this article.

JasonXS124053d ago

Exactly what the article talks about. The similar game name confuses the standard gamer making them think DayZ is the same crap WarZ was when it isn't at all.

PurpHerbison4052d ago

Trolls trolling trolls. I thought it would never get boring...

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BanBrother4053d ago

Agree with the guy. How is it that games journalists play an early build of a game, and hype it up to the world, saying how great it is, then come review time they say it sucks? No credibility.

Games journalists should be charged with false advertising tbh. Or just lose their job.

DragonKnight4053d ago

Gaming journalism is in terrible shape, it's worse than people actually see and realise. These "journalists" no longer represent gamers, they have no real voice of their own, and what they say is bland and devoid of any passion for the medium anymore. It's no surprise that most of them flip flop worse than the shoe.

Truthandreason4052d ago

Gaming journalism is almost as bad as the N4G comment section. But at least they get paid to be delusional hype machines.

armycore4053d ago

As a guy who has done previews and reviews where the games are different, here's what happens sometimes. First off, you can't be overly harsh on a preview. The build that is shown may be months old and a lot of the problems you have could be already addressed. Also, the game could have several months of polish so you end up looking like a dick saying "THIS GAME IS HORRIBLE" when it's still an early build.

Secondly, sometimes what's available to play is really really good but the rest is horrible. The Duke Nukem Forever demo that was available at several events before the game's release was awesome. It had the humor, it had action, it had everything. Problem is that the rest of teh game sucked ass.

Thirdly, the final product may have other factors that screw with the game. When MvC 3 was first show off, it was very cool to check out. Problem is that when the game was released, it was barebones and had horrible online play. That killed it for many people.

Fourthly, some writers get caught up in the hype. Activision, in particular, is notorious for having preview events for CoD where it's all about drinking and gaming. Frankly, a good journalist should be able to get what's needed before partying, but then again, I've seen what some journalists do at the big sites and yeah, they're fucktards.

And finally, the game may just end up going to shit. That's just how developing games works.

BanBrother4053d ago

Your opinion is appreciated, and I fully agree. I understand that there are a few cases where it fits, but I can't recall the last time I read a bad preview, but I remember reading a crap-tonne of bad reviews. A lot of it is prior arrangements/obligations to a company, as it has been proved that advertising $$$ do play at least some part in this thing some people call 'games journalism'.

I do feel sorry for those more professional ones that you mentioned in your post. I understand that develolers/publishers like to trick people by having a pre-set demo that is not necessarily going to make the game.

Bubbles for being very level-headed and intelligent.

Baka-akaB4052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )

nvm double post

Baka-akaB4052d ago

And i find that attitude appalling , wich is why i can't trust so called "gaming journalists" .

Not only games making a 180° and going from bad preview builds to great games arent common ...

But also , they are supposed to be more than adboards for games , at least in theory .

Not taking a readership for complete idiots and telling them the truth , while mentioning some potential in the problematic games , if there is any , should be enough

TheLeapist4052d ago

See why couldn't they just say this in the preview then? Instead of saying this game is definitely going to be incredible, they could say something like 'the small bit that I experienced was enjoyable albeit riddled with bugs and definite issues.' Would that be so hard?

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Flavor4053d ago

Game journalism does not exist.

All we have are paid PR schills for game companies, or human garbage trolling for hits on their awful website with empty articles.

I am sure there are legit journos out there, just don't see any. Just see paid placement and soft sells of trash product that has less and less depth and gameplay every year, to the point where low budget PC titles from fifteen years ago look good.

Bimkoblerutso4053d ago (Edited 4053d ago )

It would be monetarily impossible for game companies to "pay off" that many sites. Sure, you always have to be wary of the bigger ones because they almost all seem to operate on the "courtesy" system, but with the smaller ones, most of the time a review is just a review. You're going to disagree with a ton of them. That's just how opinions work.

So if reading the opinions of others is not your cup of tea, you might just want to stick to videos and screenshots to form your own opinions.

MeatAbstract4053d ago

I remember on the Day Z forums people talking about WarZ and when people would insult it or call it a rip off, people would jump in to defend it and say it had been in development since before DayZ was.

After seeing WarZ, I don't know. Perhaps something was in development but DayZ came along and someone went "Wow, that's really popular...and free...lets turn our game into that and charge people for it and have micro transactions as well!"

I don't know, that's juts how it feels to me. It looks rushed. It feels like its slapped together to make a quick buck. The finally the name familiarity. No way is that a coincidence. So it wouldn't surprise me if these guys did this to basically make money off the success of a free and much better game and it has blew up in their faces.

But yeah, like it matters now. If people care about this industry, you should stay away from War Z and let the developers realize they can't use their customers this way.

Riderz13374053d ago

Dude there is no way in hell they spend a long time developing the WarZ. Go play War Inc it's a free to play shooter that's made by the same developer who made WarZ. It's literally identical to the WarZ. All they really added to WarZ was zombies and a new map. The character animations, reloads, gun looks...everything is the same as War Inc, a free to play shooter.