Defend Your Castle confirmed for WiiWare

XGen Studios is best known as a developer and publisher of Flash Games on the Internet, which since its inception of 2001 has grown into a company with a user base of over 3 million players. It announced in January that it was expanding to create a secret project for the Nintendo WiiWare service - something we now learn is an updated port of its popular Flash title, Defend Your Castle.

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Darkiewonder3977d ago

Just like the Disc based games out in the market for the Wii. WiiWare will be just the same!

wiizy3977d ago

i think wiiware has the potential of being the best download service.

Tarmgar3977d ago it for free no. Another mini game. Next.

Milkman5413977d ago

Play for games u can get for free over the internet, wow you rock Nintendo!

M_Prime3977d ago

its not Nintendo.. its the DEVS.. they post this stuff.. i just hope the UPDATED version is better.. and 5 bux is not that much.. however.. you don't have to buy it..

Milkman5413977d ago

It is still Nintendo allowing it, you retard...

ChickeyCantor3977d ago

Why stop developers?
why limit your library?

two things that kept nintendo from making progress and success after the SNES.

so what if you can play this for free online, you know it, allot of people dont.

Its about MONEY in this world get used to it.
And again people pretend they are forced to buy it.

its not nintendo, its the developers.
if developers ask money for their games they have the right to do it.
And who knows, the Wiiware version could be much bigger(gameplay and contentwise) then the FREE version.

Lanontscuz3977d ago

Omfg no way ill pay for this game....i have played this for free on every known websites with flashgames soo phucking weak sauce NIN...

ChickeyCantor3977d ago

why NIN?
its not nintendo who said : DUDES YOUR GAME MUST BE ON WIIWARE....
its the other way around.