Which is better: PC or console gaming?

PC GAMING vs console gaming: it’s a debate that’s raged for decades, ended friendships, and ruined online discussion forums.

And almost everyone who’s ever picked up a controller - or a keyboard and mouse - has already decided which side of the battle they are on.

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darthv722561d ago

on the type of doughnut. Jelly filled vs glazed. OR plain vs fritter. you cant just generalize doughnuts so the same applies to gaming.

Gaming could be generalized but there are so many genres and platforms and each has its own perk to add to the overall entertainment value.

There are pro's and cons to each.

NukaCola2561d ago

Consoles have exclusives you can't get on both I guess, to be fair. PC is baller, but so is PS3.

MikeMyers2561d ago

They both have their own appeal. It takes more effort to get into PC gaming. Console gaming is made easy and has more marketing. There's also a lot more games that can be played on the PC than any console.

You can simply do a lot more with PC gaming but the money spent is more towards console gaming because it's more mainstream.

Jadedz2561d ago

Though with PC's; I can always choose a new flavor (update the specs) :P.

MurDocINC2561d ago

PC! If you can afford it.

Ezz20132561d ago (Edited 2561d ago )

no system is better alone
i can't be pc owner only and miss all those amazing ps3 exclusives

that's why i own ps3/360/pc
but ps3/pc get all my gaming time

Nerdmaster2561d ago

I agree with Ezz2013. If I had to choose only one platform, I would choose PC. But I don't feel complete without a Nintendo console.

After I have a PC and the newest Nintendo console, I start to think about buying consoles from the other companies (not from Microsoft).

Axe992561d ago

Haha - both's the way to go - Strategy, Flight and MMO better on PC, racing and shooters better on console (unless you prefer WASD movement and mouse aiming), RPGs good on both. Lots of exclusives for all systems well worth playing - don't choose between them unless you have to. If you do have to choose, choose the platform that better supports the games you like :).

Norrison2561d ago (Edited 2561d ago )

Shooters and racing games better on consoles? What are you smoking?
The only games that are better on consoles are fighting games

PC got an exclusive library many times bigger than Ps3's library, and the mayority of those exclusives are high quality, I'm sure that makes up for the lack of just like 10 exclusives.

Axe992561d ago (Edited 2561d ago )

@ Norrison - I put in the caveat that people who prefer WASD and mice should play their shooters on PC. I personally enjoyed shooters on PC _before_ the mouse came along and casual-ed it all up. Makes aiming far too easy, and means that shooting gameplay doesn't really resemble shooting (it would be alright if they added inertia to mouse movements, but few PC shooters do that) - completely kills 'sim' shooters on PC for me - watching that tank turret wiggle around on ArmA 2, after its devs claim it's a sim with a straight face, is one of the most dissonant experiences I've had in gaming. Plus RSI from the mouse/kb setup means playing 'em can cause trouble down the track (I don't mind arcade shooters on PC, good for casual lols, but get RSI before too long).

As for racers, there are definitely a good range on PC, but unless you're rocking a wheel (in which case either platform is as good as the other), then playing a racer with a controller beats playing a racer with a mouse/kb, and there are a good range of racers on both platforms.

Oh_Yeah2560d ago (Edited 2560d ago )

@AXE99 you do know you can connect your ps3/360 controller and various other controllers to your pc and use it for most games right?...options are endless. PC can be hooked to your tv too... Backwards compatibility will never be an from 20+ years ago can be played and emulators of every system up to the wii are available.. Also they're cheaper in the long run..If you buy a 500$+ system/s every gen you could just use that money on a boss ass upgrade that'll blow away the new console..And games are usually cheaper, you get more out of your games with mods.... PC does everything a console can plus alot more. Consoles are just a stripped down strict pc that companies put a logo on. Sony's awesome exclusives and the ps plus game collection are enough to buy their console though. The others? They really don't have much going for then..

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ATi_Elite2561d ago

is it safe to say we are ALL sick of this type of article?

Play on whatever you like!

I like games only the PC can do and or offer and I like having TOTAL control over my gaming experience therefore im a PC Gamer.

kneon2561d ago

There articles are stupid, before you can have a meaningful debate about which platform is better you would first have to define "better", and you'll never get agreement on that definition.

For me the best gaming platform is the one that has the games you want to play.

Jakens2561d ago

These replies today are nothing like those in 2006.

Jakens2561d ago

These replies today are nothing like those of 2006.

UnholyLight2561d ago

I hate coming to a gaming website about consoles and hear some retard talk about the same games we play but he spent $1000 more over the price of a console just so his PC game version of Battlefield etc looks slightly sharper graphics wise.

Personally I am not a PC gamer, the only games I've owned over my life time was like Command and Conquer, Men of War, and The Sims.

Console feels so much more natural to me than a mouse, plus it's more likely I won't run into tons of hacks when I play online. My Xbox 360 feels VERY secure and I have never had a problem for the last 6 years I have owned one. PC is a little more shady to me because there are hackers everywhere on PC

iamgoatman2561d ago

"Console feels so much more natural to me than a mouse"

Buy an Xbox 360 controller for Windows.

"because there are hackers everywhere on PC"

No there isn't. I rarely ever come across hackers, and when I do they're a nuisance for about 5 minutes before they're usually reported and banned. Big whoop.

"I hate coming to a gaming website about consoles"

Uhh, this isn't a console only gaming website, not sure where you got that idea from.

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dazzrazz2561d ago

Those wannabe articles are like cancer 0_o

Wizziokid2561d ago

mobile. yeah you didn't see that coming did you article!

hennessey862561d ago

On what type of games you like playing.

DudeJets2560d ago

Shall we tag team her and high five in the middle?

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