FIFA 07 Demo Now Online

A new demo has hit the marketplace and it comes in the form of EA's footy title FIFA 07.

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6470d ago
DC RID3R6470d ago

i'm a pro evo man really, but i GOTTA see what fifa 07's saying!!!


6470d ago
romaink6470d ago

it's gonna be a great weekend! downloading now...

RuffRyder6470d ago

I cant wait to see what fifa 07 has to offer, i wana go home! :(

BrotherSic6470d ago

After playing it at GC 2006 i thought it was the usual Fifa offering. then again Pro Evo was disappointing

RuffRyder6470d ago

Even tho you think pro evo was disappointing, how does it feel to play? and how does it compare to pro evo 5?

BrotherSic6470d ago

It seemed to me that it was the same progression from pro evo 4 to 5. Yeah everything was slightly different, better graphics, better ai runs off the ball but still felt very similar to 5.

Even though it pains me to say it at least Fifa is trying to improve and it is getting alot better. I hope Pro Evo realise this and start making real changes to the game such as making free kicks that you cant score from actually useful!

RuffRyder6470d ago (Edited 6470d ago )

Well i think konami's game engine is already near perfect and there would be no point in trying to fix what isnt broken, whereas EA's previous game engine for fifa just sucked hard they had no choice, they had to create a new engine inorder to challenge pro evo.
But as far as free kicks iv never had a problem iv scored some great free kicks lol.

il be satified with improved AI and better graphics and maybe a few tweaks to the gameplay.

I just wish konami had all the license's that EA has then there would be no contest.

BrotherSic6470d ago

I mean free kicks that are on the wing etc not in a scoring position. But they should also improve shooting freekicks as its too easy with good free kick takers. Anyone who has played pro evo for the last few years should be able to score very easily.

RuffRyder6470d ago

Im sure konami wont disappoint when they release the finshed version.
27th seem so far away cnt wait.

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PES vs. FIFA detail comparison: 10 years of rivalry

The epic fight between the two soccer giants Pro Evolution Soccer and FIFA has been going on for over 10 years now. Cynamite takes a look at the scores from both games and shows, at which point PES overtook the FIFA series.

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Cheeky Gamer5016d ago

PS1/PS2 - PES by far
360/PS3 - FIFA by far

I can't see that changing until the next generation of consoles.

presto7175016d ago

Fifa 10 was good, but have you seen Fifa 11? NOt that much of a step up from 10. Pro Evo 2010 was not that good, but so far, what I've seen of Pro Evo 2011 blows anything and everything Fifa out of the water.

Pro Evo is back to reclaim the number 1 spot.

ad4mb5016d ago

just because pes has improved alot over pes 10 dont mean much, its still the same robotic game it has been for a while. and if you have played fifa 10 then moved to 11 its improved on a lot on what was already a great game.

Anderson85016d ago

agreed, pes11 is an improvement on last yr but it still lags way behind fifa at this point.. all the same issues that make it bad are still their

nix5016d ago

PES 11 is the Demon's Souls of soccer. and I LOVE IT!

Samus HD5016d ago

pes was good till 2011
it's a fail - they tried to change the gameplay for good but they ruined it

Cheeky Gamer5016d ago (Edited 5016d ago )

It's a shame that people such as yourself are still stuck in the dark days, clinging onto the hope that PES will be what it once was.

I was a huge fan of PES back in the day - as big as you could get, really - and I still believe that PES 5 and 6 are the best football games of all time. But I played the PES 2011 demo and deleted it after two games, because it's just horrible. Passing is decent, but that's about it; the player movement still borders on robotic, shooting is way too floaty and the presentation is mediocre.

If you really believe that the 'King' is back, then you must have a very short memory. PES this generation has absolutely nothing on the old games, nor does it have anything on FIFA this gen either; its rival is superior in almost every way.

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hennessey865016d ago

to its awsome best, therefore alot better than fifa arcade football 11

Jamaicangmr5016d ago (Edited 5016d ago )

It's actually a step down, they ruined the Fifa 10 formula and this is coming from a Fifa player. Am not a PES fan so i really don't know if the new one is good or not. My angle is the fact that EA messed up Fifa 11, i have spoken to many diehard fifa fans that feel the same way. Some are considering to just stick with 10 and see what 12 is like.

Cheeky Gamer5016d ago

FIFA 11 is superior to FIFA 10 in practically every way, without a doubt. I find it laughable that anyone could think any different.

FIFA 10 was a great game, but it had way too many flaws. FIFA 11 is a much more refined experience, and is all the better for it.

e-p-ayeaH5016d ago

2000 - 2005 -> PES dominated since the PS1 days but then it came PES 2006 it was a major letdown

2006 - NOW -> Fifa started to show its quality on this current gen and it evolved year after year while PES was still way behind.

A shame that games like "This is football" just vanished during the PS2 days

ELite_Ghost5016d ago

pes2011 is much different from any next gen pes, this is really a huge improvement

AKA5016d ago

Its funny to read or talk to the FIFA fanboy they cant accept the true and hate PES.

If you go to the FIFA forums they talk Bs. About pes and they hate it.
In the Pes forums they respect Fifa and many will be getting the two and we aré confidente that PES11 is better and the kind is back