FIFA 07 Demo Now Online

A new demo has hit the marketplace and it comes in the form of EA's footy title FIFA 07.

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5906d ago
DC RID3R5906d ago

i'm a pro evo man really, but i GOTTA see what fifa 07's saying!!!


5906d ago
romaink5906d ago

it's gonna be a great weekend! downloading now...

RuffRyder5906d ago

I cant wait to see what fifa 07 has to offer, i wana go home! :(

BrotherSic5906d ago

After playing it at GC 2006 i thought it was the usual Fifa offering. then again Pro Evo was disappointing

RuffRyder5906d ago

Even tho you think pro evo was disappointing, how does it feel to play? and how does it compare to pro evo 5?

BrotherSic5906d ago

It seemed to me that it was the same progression from pro evo 4 to 5. Yeah everything was slightly different, better graphics, better ai runs off the ball but still felt very similar to 5.

Even though it pains me to say it at least Fifa is trying to improve and it is getting alot better. I hope Pro Evo realise this and start making real changes to the game such as making free kicks that you cant score from actually useful!

RuffRyder5906d ago (Edited 5906d ago )

Well i think konami's game engine is already near perfect and there would be no point in trying to fix what isnt broken, whereas EA's previous game engine for fifa just sucked hard they had no choice, they had to create a new engine inorder to challenge pro evo.
But as far as free kicks iv never had a problem iv scored some great free kicks lol.

il be satified with improved AI and better graphics and maybe a few tweaks to the gameplay.

I just wish konami had all the license's that EA has then there would be no contest.

BrotherSic5906d ago

I mean free kicks that are on the wing etc not in a scoring position. But they should also improve shooting freekicks as its too easy with good free kick takers. Anyone who has played pro evo for the last few years should be able to score very easily.

RuffRyder5906d ago

Im sure konami wont disappoint when they release the finshed version.
27th seem so far away cnt wait.

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