More StarCraft MMO Hints From Blizzard

IncGamers, via Pig & Elvyra from covered "The future of MMOs" panel, where among others, Rob Pardo (President of Blizzard) took part of the discussion including many different topics related to MMOs of the future.

"Looking sidelong at Rob Pardo, he indicated that a Starcraft MMO, for example, would be immediately understood by players and, "I'd probably play that instead of WoW." (both the panelists and the audience laughed at this exchange.)"

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Silellak3978d ago

Blizzard would be insane not to make a World of Starcraft at some point.

I mean granted, they already have a license to print money, but padding your mattresses full of CASH MONEY with CASH MONEY-filled pillows never hurt anyone.

xsteinbachx3978d ago

just please use a better engine then whats used for WoW

xhairs3978d ago

I would, MUCH, rather play Starcraft MMO than WoW. But dear God, please make leveling something other than quests...oh how many times do I do the same thing over and over again only to achieve 1 gold coin and a plate item tos ell because I'm a squishy mage :(. That and 24/7 Chat police ready to boot all the non-related players from flaming everyone in trade channel, oh dear God. Please just leave Starcraft alone :(.

Rooted_Dust3978d ago

Yeah, they'll be different....this time they'll be called missions :P

I don't really have a problem with quest leveling, as long as it's not grinding.

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