Why Blizzard's Secret MMO Isn't A Sure Thing

IncGamers' Bill Vaughan asks if Blizzard's next MMO should really be expected to do as well as World of Warcraft.

"Blizzard knows how to make an MMO. Getting the players hooked may have been somewhat lucky, but no one can deny that the developers have made the most of their good fortune, and continued to shape and tweak WoW into the giant that it is today.

However, we've seen other good games trodden into the dirt as a result of WoW's presence in the genre. It seems no one can get close to WoW's figures here in the west, so will another game by the same developer be able to?"

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Leord3592d ago

This is something I have thought about myself. I think the answer is: Maby.

thetamer3592d ago

I think nothing will outdo wow, not even a blizzard product.

Leord3592d ago

Well "outdo" would be very hard, but they could expand the market bas even further, making both MMOs smaller, but a grander total number of players.

10 million is still not THAT much, lookign at the whole gamign market, and the number of people with systems that can handle WoW.

Cogo3592d ago

@ Tamer: I agree

@ Leord: Possibly, but I don't think the market could be much bigger than it is.

Maticus3592d ago

I think Blizz will have a fight on their hands, especially IF the new game is sci-fi. Fantasy is more popular.

Leord3592d ago

Yes. Also, sci-fi fans are more "sciency", and I think EVE has cornered a good portion of that market.

Panthers3592d ago

Im really hoping to see BioWares Star Wars TOR do well. It looks really promising.

AndyA3592d ago

I think Blizzard will pull it off. They've had enough experience in the MMO field now to create something innovative.

Malfurion3592d ago

The thing is, it doesn't matter. What a nice position for Blizzard to be in! They win either way. WoW will likely retain a massive number of subscribers - even if it goes down to a quarter of its current numbers, that's more than any other MMO's figures.

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